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Paper: Identification of a DO White Dwarf and a PG1159 Star in the ESO SN Ia Progenitor Survey (SPY)
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 221
Authors: Werner, K.; Rauch, T.; Napiwotzki, R.; Christlieb, N.; Reimers, D.; Karl, C.A.
Abstract: We present high-resolution VLT spectra of a new DO white dwarf and a new PG1159 star, which we identified in the ESO SPY survey. The PG1159 star is a low-gravity, extremely hot (Teff = 160,000 K, log g = 6) star, having a C/He dominated atmosphere with considerable amounts of O and Ne (He=38%, C=54%, O=6%, Ne=2% by mass). It is located within the planetary nebula nuclei instability strip and pulsations have been discovered. The DO is a unique object. From He I/He II line strengths we found Teff ≈ 60,000 K, however, the He II lines are extraordinarily strong and cannot be fitted by any model.
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