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Paper: New Observations of the Hot PNNV Sanduleak 3
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 611
Authors: Steininger, B.; Pretorius, M.; Breger, M.; Shobbrook, R.R.
Abstract: We present preliminary results of 108.7 hours of CCD Photometry of the Planetary Nebulae Nucleus Variable Sanduleak 3 (Sand 3). Sand 3 is a hot [WC 2-3] star with an effective temperature of about 140,000 K. Furthermore, Sand 3 is a multiperiodic g-mode pulsator with typical periods of 900 s. We observed Sand 3 in order to perform a detailed frequency analysis based on good time resolution and dual-site data. We examined the amplitude spectrum of the gathered data and extracted 14 frequencies that matched our significance criteria. Analysis of these frequencies shows evidence for radial overtones, rotational splitting and mode trapping.
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