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Paper: Results from a FUSE Survey of Hot White Dwarfs
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 191
Authors: Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Kruk, J.W.; Torres, L.M.; Sanchez, P.J.
Abstract: In response to a call for observatory programs by the FUSE project in early 2002, a survey of hot white dwarfs located in a region of the sky more easily accessible by FUSE was initiated. This survey program included 42 hot white dwarfs with well defined atmospheric properties and, when possible, a history of ultraviolet observations. The goals were to search for new objects showing interesting metal abundance patterns over a wide range of effective temperatures and make an independent determination of their atmospheric parameters. We present a summary of results from this survey and discuss the peculiar pattern of metal abundances detected in some stars.
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