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Paper: A Model of the Local WD Population
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 93
Authors: Schroeder, K.-P.; Napiwotzki, R.; Pauli, E.-M.
Abstract: We present a model of the solar neighbourhood (d<100 pc) white dwarf (WD) population and show its distribution in effective temperature and mass. The WDs are created by the death-rate of a population model matching the local stars observed by HIPPARCOS, considering depletion as caused by the "thin disk" dynamics.

For verification of our synthetic sample, we study the temperature distribution of a small volume-limited sample of observed WDs (Holberg et al. 2002). We use a single indicator R6300: the number ratio of WDs with Teff 6300 K over those with Teff > 6300 K. After correcting for a residual incompleteness with cool WDs, we find R6300 of 0.68(±0.24), in good agreement with our WD population model which suggests R6300 = 0.77.

With a magnitude limit of B = 16.0, the synthetic sample reduces from ≈ 13700 to only ≈ 1350 WDs. We use this to test the completeness of the prospective SPY WD sample. In the fields covered, it will deliver about 80% of the WDs with d < 100 pc and B < 16.0. A more detailed account of our results is given by Schröder et al. 2004.

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