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Paper: Doubling the Number of White Dwarf Stars: The First SDSS White Dwarf Catalog
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 99
Authors: Kleinman, S.J.
Abstract: I present the full spectroscopic white dwarf and hot subdwarf sample from the SDSS first data release, DR1. In it are 2551 white dwarf stars of various subtypes, 240 hot subdwarf stars, and an additional 157 (a correction from the journal version of this paper) objects we have identified as uncertain white dwarf stars. Of the white dwarf stars, 1888 are non-magnetic DAs and 171, non-magnetic DBs. The remaining objects consist of all different types of white dwarf stars: DO, DQ, DC, DH, DZ, hybrid stars like DAB, etc., and those with non-degenerate companions. We fit the DA and DB spectra with a grid of models to determine the Teff and log(g) for each object. For all objects, we provide coordinates, proper motions, SDSS photometric magnitudes, and enough information to retrieve the spectrum/image from the SDSS public database. This catalog nearly doubles the known sample of spectroscopicallyidenti fied white dwarf stars. In the DR1-imaged area of the sky, we increase the known sample of white dwarf stars by factor of 8.5.
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