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Paper: White Dwarf Observations in Hungary
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 597
Authors: Paparo, M.; Szabo, R.; Csubry, Z.
Abstract: The Hungarian contribution on the white dwarfs PG 1654+160 and KPD 1930+2752 (WET targets Xcov 21 and Xcov 23) is presented by a team from the Konkoly Observatory. The short time-scale amplitude and frequency variability of PG 1654+160 is based on our single site observations. The amplitude variation of the dominant pulsational mode of KPD 1930+2752 over a month is demonstrated. At two nights (20/21 Aug and 6/7 Sep 2003) there were no modes excited above the noise level. Based on 8 nights single site observation only 7 frequencies were derived from the 44 excited modes published previously.
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