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Paper: A Detailed Photometric Analysis of Halo White Dwarf Candidates
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 27
Authors: Bergeron, P.; Ruiz, M.-T.; Hamuy, M.; Leggett, S.K.; Currie, M.J.; Lajoie, C.-P.; Dufour, P.
Abstract: A detailed analysis of 32 of the 38 halo white dwarf candidates identified by Oppenheimer et al. is presented, based on model atmosphere fits to observed energy distributions built from optical BV RI and infrared JHK photometry. Effective temperatures and atmospheric compositions are determined for all objects, as well as masses and cooling ages when trigonometric parallax measurements are available. This sample is combined with that of other halo white dwarf candidates and disk white dwarfs to study the nature of these objects in terms of tangential velocities and stellar ages. We reaffirm the conclusions of an earlier analysis based on photographic magnitudes of the same sample that some white dwarf stars born in the young disk may have high velocities with respect to the local standard of rest, and that total stellar ages must be derived in order to associate a white dwarf with the old halo population.
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