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Paper: On Supermassive White Dwarfs
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 15
Authors: Weidemann, V.
Abstract: In view of recent SDSS results on hotter DQ stars Liebert et al. (2003b) suggested that all high carbon abundance WD are massive. I checked if the star LP93−21 for which already Greenstein et al. (1977) had estimated a small radius and therefore high mass could be added to support the hypothesis. It depends on the accuracy of the parallax for which a reduction of the implied very high tangential velocity favors a smaller radius and thus a higher mass. I also consider the general question of the existence of supermassive WDs: are they single, probably O/Ne WDs (Weidemann 2003) or binaries? I suggest an unsteady initial-final mass relation which collects O/Ne WDs at the high mass secondary peak of the WD mass distribution.
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