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Paper: Balloon09010001: Towards the White Dwarf Stage?
Volume: 334, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 631
Authors: Oreiro, R.; Ulla, A.; Perez Hernandez, F.; MacDonald, J.; Ostensen, R.; Rodriguez-Lopez, C.
Abstract: Balloon090100001 is the brightest (B=11.8) pulsator sdB of the EC14026 class. Moreover, it shows a frequency mode (at 356 s, 2.81 mHz) with one of the hightest amplitude of oscillation (~ 59 mmag) in its class. At least another frequency is present in a low resolution frequency spectrum. The physical parameters of the star (Teff=29446 K, log g=5.33) may indicate that it has already crossed the Terminal Age Extended Horizontal Branch, so it would be evolving very fast towards the White Dwarf phase. We discuss this possibility and propose the object as a very interesting asteroseismology target.
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