Title: Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Volume: 321 Year: 2004 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Beaulieu, J.-P.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Terquem, C.
ISBN: 1-58381-183-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-256-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
Detections of Extrasolar Planets
A Doppler Planet Survey of 1330 FGKM Stars 3 Marcy, G.W.; Butler, R.P.; Fischer, D.A.; Vogt, S.S.
New Results on Doppler Follow-up of Planetary Companions Detected by OGLE 15 Bouchy, F.; Lovis, C.; Mayor, M.; Pepe, F.; Queloz, D.; Udry, S.; Melo, C.; Santos, N.
Direct Imaging of Extrasolar Planets 23 Lagrange, A.-M.; Moutou, C.
Optical Imaging of Extrasolar Giant Planets From Space 31 Heap, S.R.; Burrows, A.; Hubeny, I.; Sudarsky, D.
High Contrast Imaging from the Ground: VLT/Planet Finder 39 Mouillet, D.; Lagrange, A.M.; Beuzit, J.-L.; Moutou, C.; Saisse, M.; Ferrari, M.; Fusco, T.; Boccaletti, A.
Microlensing Surveys in Search of Extrasolar Planets 47 Wambsganss, J.
The Detection of Terrestrial Planets via Gravitational Microlensing: Space vs. Ground-based Surveys 59 Bennett, D.P.
Searching for Planetary Transits in the Open Cluster NGC 7789 68 Bramich, D.M.; Horne, K.D.; Bond, I.A.
Imaging Planets around White Dwarfs; First Results 76 Clarke, F.J.; Burleigh, M.R.
Searching for Terrestrial Planets in the Habitable Zone of M Dwarfs 84 Kurster, M.; Endl, M.
Detection and Properties of Extrasolar Planets in Double and Multiple Star Systems 93 Eggenberger, A.; Udry, S.; Mayor, M.; Beuzit, J.-L.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Chauvin, G.
Radial Velocity Survey for Planet Search around M-dwarfs 101 Bonfils, X.; Delfosse, X.; Udry, S.; Mayor, M.; Perrier, C.; Beuzit, J.-L.; Forveille, T.; Segransan, D.; Bouchy, F.; Queloz, D.
Searching for Planets around Stars in Wide Binaries 103 Desidera, S.; Gratton, R.G.; Claudi, R.U.; Carretta, E.; Lucatello, S.; Martinez-Fiorenzano, A.; Bonanno, G.; Cosentino, R.; Scuderi, S.; Barbieri, M.; Endl, M.; Marzari, F.; Brocato, E.; Dolci, M.; Valentini, G.
The McDonald Observatory Planet Search Projects 105 Endl, M.; Cochran, W.D.; McArthur, B.; Allende Prieto, C.; Hatzes, A.P.; Paulson, D.B.
When Do Planets Form? A Search for Extra-solar Planets around Metal-Poor Stars 107 Sozzetti, A.; Latham, D.W.; Torres, G.; Stefanik, R.P.; Boss, A.P.; Carney, B.W.; Laird, J.B.
Detection of 51Peg b with a Dispersed Fixed-Delay Interferometer 109 van Eyken, J.; Ge, J.; Mahadevan, S.; DeWitt, C.
Simulations for the Permanent All Sky Survey (PASS) Experiment 111 Deeg, H.; Alonso, R.; Belmonte, J.A.; Alsubai, K.; Doyle, L.
The Nature of OGLE Transiting Planet Candidates 113 Eisloffel, J.; Kurster, M.; Hatzes, A.P.; Guenther, E.
Recent Results from the Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) Prototype 115 Kane, S.R.; Horne, K.; Lister, T.; Cameron, A.C.; Street, R.A.; Pollacco, D.L.; James, D.; Tsapras, Y.
A Search for Extrasolar Planets in the Old Metal-rich Open Cluster NGC-6791 117 Piotto, G.; Montalto, M.; Momany, Y.; Desidera, S.; Gratton, R.; Claudi, R.U.; Stetson, P.B.; Barbieri, M.; Arellano-Ferro, A.; Poretti E., E.; Rosenberg, A.; Grundhal, F.; Bruntt, H.
Determining the Abundance of Extragalactic Planets 119 Dominik, M.
The PLANET Microlensing Campaign: Implications for Planets around Galactic Disk and Bulge Stars 121 Dominik, M.; Albrow, M.D.; Beaulieu, J.-P.; Caldwell, J.A.R.; Cassan, A.; Coutures, C.; Greenhill, J.; Hill, K.; Fouque, P.; Horne, K.; Jorgensen, U.G.; Kane, S.; Kubas, D.; Martin, R.; Menzies, J.; Pollard, K.R.; Sahu, K.; Wambsganss, J.; Watson, R.; Williams, A.
A Search for Hot Massive Planets around Nearby Young Stars with NACO 123 Masciadri, E.; Mundt, R.; Alvarez, C.; Henning, Th.; Bailer-Jones, C.; Lamm, M.; Barrado-Navascues, D.; Harayama, Y.
Direct Detection of Exoplanets using Long-baseline Interferometry and Visibility Phase 125 Meisner, J.
A Direct Imaging Search for Wide (Sub)Stellar Companions around Radvel Planet Host Stars 127 Mugrauer, M.; Neuhauser, R.; Mazeh, T.; Fernandez, M.; Guenther, E.; Broeg, C.
Part 2.
Characterisation of Extrasolar Planets
The Physics of Extrasolar Gaseous Planets: from Theory to Observable Signatures 131 Chabrier, G.; Allard, F.; Baraffe, I.; Barman, T.; Hauschildt, P.H.
Observational Clues to Brown Dwarf Origins 145 Jayawardhana, R.
"Osiris" (HD209458b), an Evaporating Planet 152 Vidal-Madjar, A.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.
Non-thermal Radio Emissions from Extrasolar Planets 160 Zarka, P.
The Atmosphere of Terrestrial Exoplanets: Detection and Characterization 170 Selsis, F.
Search for Life on Exoplanets. The Darwin/TPF Mission(s) 183 Ollivier, M.
Extrasolar Giant Planets in the Sigma Orionis Open Cluster: a Progress Report 193 Martin, E.L.; Zapatero Osorio, M.R.; Barrado y Navascues, D.; Bejar, V.J.S.; Caballero, J.A.; Rebolo, R.; Eisloffel, J.; Mundt, R.
Polarization Spectra of Extrasolar Giant Planets 195 Stam, D.M.
Alkali Line Formation in the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Giant Planets 197 Allard, N.F.; Allard, F.; Machin, L.; Hauschildt, P.; Louis, F.; Loeillet, B.; Kielkopf, J.F.; Pascale, J.
Theory of Precipitating Dust Formation in Substellar Atmospheres 199 Helling, C.; Woitke, P.
Phase-dependent Properties of Extrasolar Giant Planet Atmospheres 201 Barman, T.S.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P.H.
Evaporation Rate of Hot Jupiters and Formation of Chthonian Planets 203 Hebrard, G.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Desert, J.-M.; Ferlet, R.
The Data Analysis of the HD209458b Transit in Lyman α 205 Desert, J.-M.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Hebrard, G.; Ballester, G.; Ferlet, R.; Mayor, M.
A Time Dependent Model of HD209458b 207 Iro, N.; Bezard, B.; Guillot, T.
Search for Exospheric Signatures from Transiting Planets 209 Iro, N.; Coustenis, A.; Moutou, C.; Lajous, N.; Mayor, M.; Queloz, D.
Strong Limits on the Infrared Spectrum of HD209458 b near 2.2 μm 211 Richardson, L.J.; Deming, D.; Seager, S.
Modelling the Transits of HD 209458b 213 Welsh, W.F.; Orosz, J.A.; Wittenmyer, R.A.; Schultz, A.B.; Kinzel, W.; Kochte, M.; Henry, G.; Bruhweiler, F.; Bennum, D.
The Orbital Ephemeris of HD 209458b 215 Wittenmyer, R.A.; Welsh, W.F.; Orosz, J.A.; Schultz, A.B.; Kinzel, W.; Kochte, M.; Bruhweiler, F.; Bennum, D.; Henry, G.
The Green Vegetation as a Biosignature on Earth and Earth-like Planets 217 Arnold, L.; Breon, F.-M.; Brewer, S.; Guiot, J.; Jacquemoud, S.; Schneider, J.
G. A. Tikhov, and the Beginnings of Astrobiology 219 Briot, D.; Schneider, J.; Arnold, L.
Maser Emission from Icy Exo-Planets 221 Slysh, V.
Part 3.
Disks and Planetary Formation
Observations of Protostellar Disks 225 Menard, F.
What Can We Learn from Protoplanetary Disk Frequency in Young Clusters? 237 Fernandes, S.R.; Teixeira, P.S.; Correia, J.C.; Alves, J.F.; Santos, F.D.; Lada, E.A.; Lada, C.J.
HST/STIS Coronagraphic Imaging of Pre-Main Sequence Stars 244 Grady, C.A.
Protostellar Disk Structure 252 Balbus, S.A.
Evolution of Massive and Magnetized Protoplanetary Disks 262 Fromang, S.; Terquem, C.; Balbus, S.A.; De Villiers, J.-P.
Formation of Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs 271 Lissauer, J.J.
Gravitational Instability in a Disk of Cometesimals 282 Tanga, P.
Giant Planet Formation from Disk Instability. Cooling and Heating 290 Mayer, L.; Wadsley, J.; Quinn, T.; Stadel, J.
HD10647 and the Distribution of Exoplanet Properties with Semi-major Axis 298 Jones, H.R.A.; Butler, R.P.; Tinney, C.G.; Marcy, G.W.; McCarthy, C.; Penny, A.J.; Carter, B.D.
Structures in Dusty Disks 305 Augereau, J.-C.
A Dusty Vortex around KH15D? 317 Barge, P.; Viton, M.
Predicting Dust Distribution in Protoplanetary Discs 319 Barriere-Fouchet, L.; Gonzalez, J.-F.; Humble, R.J.; Maddison, S.T.; Murray, J.R.
HST Observations of Emission Lines in β Pictoris Disk: a New Detection Technique? 321 Ehrenreich, D.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Hobbs, L.M.
FUSE Observations of Oxygen I (1D) in the Circumstellar Disk of 51 Oph 323 Landez, C.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Desert, J.-M.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Roberge, A.; Deleuil, M.; Ferlet, R.; Feldman, P.
Far UV Spectroscopy of the Circumstellar Environment of the Herbig Be Stars HD259431 and HD250550 325 Martin, C.; Bouret, J.-C.; Deleuil, M.; Bouret, J-C.; Deleuil, M.; Simon, T.; Catala, C.
The Variable Ca II Absorptions in β Pictoris 327 Tobin, W.; Barnes, S.I.; Pollard, K.R.
Protoplanetary Systems in Distant Star-forming Regions as Seen in Maser Lines 329 Val'tts, I.E.; Lyubchenko, S.Y.
Size Distribution of Disks in the Trapezium Cluster 331 Vicente, S.M.; Alves, J.
Instabilities and Vorticity Generation in Protoplanetary Disks 333 de Val Borro, M.; Artymowicz, P.
Photoevaporation of Protoplanetary Disks Irradiated by a Massive Star 335 Nomura, H.; Inutsuka, S.
Timescale for Disk Dissipation in Young Clusters 337 Teixeira, P.S.; Fernandes, S.R.; Alves, J.F.; Correia, J.C.; Santos, F.D.; Lada, E.A.; Lada, C.J.
Seismic Tests of Accretion in Central Stars of Planetary Systems 339 Bazot, M.; Vauclair, S.
Dynamics of Core Accretion 341 Nelson, A.F.; Ruffert, M.O.
A Model of the Accretion Disk around AA Tau 343 Pinte, C.; Menard, F.
Giant Planet Formation: Effect of Migration 345 Alibert, Y.; Mordasini, C.; Benz, W.
Planets in Disks: A New Method for Hydrodynamic Disk Simulations 347 Paardekooper, S.J.; Mellema, G.
Conditions of Dynamical Stability for the HD160691 Planetary System 349 Bois, E.; Rambaux, N.; Kiseleva-Eggleton, L.; Pilat-Lohinger, E.
Dynamics of the Multiple System GG Tauri 351 Beust, H.; Dutrey, A.
The Exoplanets compared to Binary Stars in the Period-Eccentricity Diagram 353 Halbwachs, J.-L.; Mayor, M.; Udry, S.
Structuring of the Semi-Major Axis and Eccentricity Distributions of Exoplanets 355 Nottale, L.; Ceccolini, D.; Da Rocha, D.; Tran-Minh, N.; Galopeau, P.; Schumacher, G.
Tidal Excitation of Low-frequency Modes in a Rotating Giant Planet 357 Ogilvie, G.I.; Lin, D.N.C.
Part 4.
Disk-planet and Planet-planet Interaction
The Global Structure of Protoplanetary Disks 361 Dullemond, C.P.; Dominik, C.
Orbital Migration and Disc-Planet Interactions 367 Nelson, R.P.; Papaloizou, J.C.B.
On the Eccentricities of the Extrasolar Planets 379 Papaloizou, J.C.B.; Nelson, R.P.; Terquem, C.
Extrasolar 'Earths' in Habitable Zones: Targets of Opportunity 393 Jones, B.W.; Underwood, D.R.; Sleep, P.N.
The Rotation of Extra-solar Planets 401 Laskar, J.; Correia, A.C.M.
Stable Planetary Motion in Double Stars 410 Pilat-Lohinger, E.; Dvorak, R.; Bois, E.; Funk, B.
Concluding Remarks   
Onwards towards Extrasolar Earths! 421 Lissauer, J.J.