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Paper: Evolution of Massive and Magnetized Protoplanetary Disks
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 262
Authors: Fromang, S.; Terquem, C.; Balbus, S.A.; De Villiers, J.-P.
Abstract: We present global 2D and 3D simulations of self-gravitating magnetized tori. We used the 2D calculations to demonstrate that the properties of the MRI are not affected by the presence of self-gravity: MHD turbulence and enhanced angular momentum transport follow the linear growth of the instability. In 3D, we have studied the interaction between an m = 2 gravitational instability and MHD turbulence. We found its strength to be significantly decreased by the presence of the latter, showing that both instabilities strongly interact in their non-linear phases. We discuss the consequences of these results.
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