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Paper: Instabilities and Vorticity Generation in Protoplanetary Disks
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 333
Authors: de Val Borro, M.; Artymowicz, P.
Abstract: We study instabilities near the edges of a gap formed by a growing giant planet in a protoplanetary disk. The 2-D PPM hydrodynamical simulations of a protoplanetary disk with an embedded giant planet are compared with time-resolved modal analysis of the azimuthally averaged surface density profiles using linear perturbation theory. Our results show that, unlike in some other recent studies, our polar-grid numerical code does not generate much vorticity around a giant planet in a standard solar nebula. Modal calculations confirm that the obtained radial profiles of density are not susceptible to the growth of linear m=1,. . . ,6 modes on relevant time scales. This result holds at high resolution runs.
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