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Paper: Imaging Planets around White Dwarfs; First Results
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 76
Authors: Clarke, F.J.; Burleigh, M.R.
Abstract: In 2001 we began a project to image planets and brown dwarfs orbiting around nearby white dwarfs. Our technique is to obtain two deep near infrared images (J ~ 24) of white dwarfs to search for faint cool companions. The images are separated by ≥ 1 yr, allowing the identification of companions by virtue of common proper motion with the white dwarf. To date (mid-2003), twenty-four white dwarfs have been observed once ("1st epoch") and one has been observed twice ("2nd-epoch"). Here we give an overview of the project including a preliminary analysis of the one object around which we can search for proper common motion companions.
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