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Paper: Searching for Planetary Transits in the Open Cluster NGC 7789
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 68
Authors: Bramich, D.M.; Horne, K.D.; Bond, I.A.
Abstract: Open clusters are ideal targets for searching for transiting Hot Jupiters. They provide a relatively large concentration of stars on the sky and cluster members have similar metallicities, ages and distances. Fainter cluster members are likely to show deeper transit signatures, helping to offset sky noise contributions. A survey of open clusters will then help to characterise the Hot Jupiter fraction of main sequence stars, and how this may depend on primordial metallicity and stellar age.

We present results from 11 nights of observations of the open cluster NGC 7789 with the WFC camera on the INT telescope in La Palma. From 684 epochs, we obtained lightcurves and BV colours for ~25600 stars, with ~2400 stars with better than 1% precision. We expect to detect ~1 transiting Hot Jupiter in our sample assuming that 1% of stars host a Hot Jupiter companion.

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