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Paper: Structuring of the Semi-Major Axis and Eccentricity Distributions of Exoplanets
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 355
Authors: Nottale, L.; Ceccolini, D.; Da Rocha, D.; Tran-Minh, N.; Galopeau, P.; Schumacher, G.
Abstract: We describe the motion of planetesimals in a protoplanetary nebula in terms of a fractal and irreversible process. As a consequence the equation of dynamics can be given a Schrödinger-like form. Its solutions yield a planetesimal distribution showing peaks of probability for semi-major axes normalized to star mass a/Mn2 and eccentricities e = kn, where k and n are integers. The current observational data on exoplanets support this theoretical prediction (done before their discovery).
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