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Paper: High Contrast Imaging from the Ground: VLT/Planet Finder
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 39
Authors: Mouillet, D.; Lagrange, A.M.; Beuzit, J.-L.; Moutou, C.; Saisse, M.; Ferrari, M.; Fusco, T.; Boccaletti, A.
Abstract: The very high contrast imaging demanded by direct search for exoplanets is a very challenging goal that should be considered as a specific observing mode. No or very few instruments have yet been designed to maximize such performance: this suggests a significant possible detectivity gain and also a lot of experience to learn. For its second generation instrumentation on the VLT, ESO supports the study of a dedicated instrument nicknamed "Planet Finder". We will briefly review the identified main limitations and the corresponding instrumental issues for this instrument. We derive the expected range of performance and we discuss the interest of such a ground-based instrument for exoplanet studies.
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