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Paper: A Time Dependent Model of HD209458b
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 207
Authors: Iro, N.; Bezard, B.; Guillot, T.
Abstract: We developed a time-dependent radiative model for the atmosphere of HD209458b to investigate its thermal structure and chemical composition. Time-dependent temperature profiles were calculated, using a uniform zonal wind modelled as a solid body rotation. We predict day/night temperature variations of 600K around 0.1 bar, for a 1 km/s wind velocity, in good agreement with the predictions by Showman & Guillot (2002). On the night side, the low temperature allows the sodium to condense. Depletion of sodium in the morning limb may explain the lower than expected abundance found by Charbonneau et al. (2002).
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