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Paper: The Nature of OGLE Transiting Planet Candidates
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 113
Authors: Eisloffel, J.; Kurster, M.; Hatzes, A.P.; Guenther, E.
Abstract: We present follow-up observations of some promising candidates for transiting extra-solar planets, originally found by the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) through time series photometry. Our follow-up UVES spectroscopy at high spectral resolution aims at measuring the radial velocity variations in the systems to determine the masses of the transit candidates. Two of them, OGLE-TR-9 and OGLE-TR-40, turn out to be low mass stellar companions. For OGLE-TR-10 our spectroscopic observations remain inconclusive.
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