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Paper: When Do Planets Form? A Search for Extra-solar Planets around Metal-Poor Stars
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 107
Authors: Sozzetti, A.; Latham, D.W.; Torres, G.; Stefanik, R.P.; Boss, A.P.; Carney, B.W.; Laird, J.B.
Abstract: We present preliminary results from our spectroscopic search for planets within 1 AU of metal-poor field dwarfs using NASA time with HIRES on Keck I. The core accretion model of gas giant planet formation is sensitive to the metallicity of the raw material, while the disk instability model is not. By observing metal-poor stars in the field we eliminate the role of dynamical interactions in dense stellar environments, such as a globular cluster. The results of our survey should allow us to distinguish the relative roles of the two competing giant planet formation scenarios.
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