Title: Solar Polarization Workshop 6
Volume: 437 Year: 2011 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: J. R. Kuhn, D. M. Harrington, H. Lin, S. V. Berdyugina, J. Trujillo-Bueno, S. L. Keil, and T. Rimmele
Much of ground-based stellar astronomy and the magnetic field
information that drives our understanding of stellar atmospheres
and their variability depend on sensitive polarimetric
measurements. Detailed solar atmosphere models, constrained
by sensitive spectropolarimetry, are now being extended to 2-
and 3-dimensions.
For the last 15 years, the stellar and solar astronomy communities
have benefited from the five previous “Solar Polarization
Workshop” meetings where experts in theoretical quantum
scattering, atmospheric modeling, and sensitive instrument
technology were brought together to link and generalize our
fundamental understanding of polarization and magnetic fields.
The solar astronomy community is about to enter a new era with
the construction of the first large aperture telescope optimized
for polarimetry (the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope, or
In June 2010, about 100 scientists and students met near the
future site of the ATST on Maui to focus attention on advancing
the science and technology that will accelerate our understanding
of the Sun’s and other stars’ atmospheres. This volume
captures the output of the sixth Solar Polarization Workshop in
pedagogic reviews and detailed new results from this rapidly expanding field.

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Front Matter   
Volume Cover Kuhn, J. R.; Harrington, D. M.; Lin, H.; Berdyugina, S. V.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Keil, S. L.; Rimmele, T.
Front Matter 1 Kuhn, J. R.; Harrington, D. M.; Lin, H.; Berdyugina, S. V.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Keil, S. L.; Rimmele, T.
Conference Photo 2 Kuhn, J. R.; Harrington, D. M.; Lin, H.; Berdyugina, S. V.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Keil, S. L.; Rimmele, T.
Session I. Physics of Polarization in Stellar Atmospheres
Chair: Svetlana Berdyugina
Unsolved Problems in Solar Polarization 3 Stenflo, J. O.
Elementary Theory of Scattering Polarization in Complex Atoms 19 Manso Sainz, R.
Theoretical Approaches to the Physics of Spectral Line Polarization 29 Belluzzi, L.
Polarized Radiative Transfer: from Solar Applications to Laboratory Experiments 45 Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.; Belluzzi, L.; Bommier, V.
Measurement of Line Formation Depths from a Super Resolving Analysis of Photospheric Layers 51 Faurobert, M.; Aime, C.; Ricort, G.; Uitenbroek, H.; Grec, C.
Linear Polarization of the Solar Ca I 4227 Å Line: Modeling with Radiative Transfer and Last Scattering Approximation 57 Anusha, L. S.; Stenflo, J. O.; Frisch, H.; Bianda, M.; Holzreuter, R.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sampoorna, M.; Ramelli, R.
Observations of the Solar Ca I 4227 Å Line 67 Bianda, M.; Ramelli, R.; Stenflo, J. O.; Anusha, L. S.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sampoorna, M.; Holzreuter, R.; Frisch, H.
The Theoretical Impact Polarization of the O I 6300 Å Red Line of Earth Auroræ 73 Bommier, V.; Sahal-Bréchot, S.; Dubau, J.; Cornille, M.
IBIS 2D Spectropolarimetry: Analysis of G-band Bright Points 75 Viticchiè, B.; Del Moro, D.; Berrilli, F.; Rubio, L. B.; Tritschler, A.
Session II. Modeling of Polarization in Stellar Atmospheres
Chair: Egidio Landi Degl’Innnocenti
Modeling Scattering Polarization for Probing Solar Magnetism 83 Trujillo Bueno, J.
Coronal Polarization 99 Raouafi, N.-E.
Exploring the Magnetic Fields of Solar Prominences and Spicules via He I D3 Spectropolarimetry 109 Ramelli, R.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Bianda, M.; Asensio Ramos, A.
Scattering Polarization and the Hanle Effect in Hα as a Probe of Chromospheric Magnetism: Modeling vs. Observations 117 Štěpán, J.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Ramelli, R.; Bianda, M.
MISMA Interpretation of Stokes V Asymmetries Measured by HINODE in Internetwork and Network Regions 127 Viticchiè, B.; Sánchez Almeida, J.; Del Moro, D.; Berrilli, F.
Session III. Polarization Data: Synthesis and Analysis
Chair: Haosheng Lin
Bayesian Techniques for Inference 135 Asensio Ramos, A.
HMI: First Results 147 Centeno, R.; Tomczyk, S.; Borrero, J. M.; Couvidat, S. Hayashi, K.; Hoeksema, T.; Liu, Y.; Schou, J.
Effects of Limited Resolution on SpectroPolarimetric data, from the Subtle to the Supreme 157 Leka, K. D.
The Total Solar Irradiance and Small Scale Magnetic Fields 167 Schnerr, R. S.; Spruit, H. C.
Zeeman Component Decomposition (ZCD): Common Line Profile and Magnetic Field Reconstruction from Polarized Spectra 173 Sennhauser, C.; Berdyugina, S. V.
Eclipse High-precision Linear Polarimetry of the Inner White-light Corona: Polarization Degree 181 Kim, I. S.; Lisin, D. V.; Popov, V. V.; Popova, E. V.
On the Diagnostics of the Quiet Sun Magnetic Fields: Multi-Line Spectro-Polarimetric Observations and Inversion Results 189 Demidov, M. L.; Balthasar, H.
Eclipse Linear Polarimetry of Prominences 195 Kim, I. S.; Popov, V. V.; Suyunova, E. Z.; Alexeeva, I. V.
Extreme Limb Polarization Measurement From HMI: A Progress Report 201 Scholl, I. F.; Kuhn, J. R.; Bush, R. I.; Emilio, M.
Distribution of the Chromospheric Network Magnetic elements in the Solar Polar Regions from 2004 to 2009 205 Raouafi, N.-E.
Color of Coronal Structures Derived from the Eclipse White-light Corona Polarization Movies 211 Kim, I. S.; Kroussanova, N. L.; Pavlov, M. V; Popov, A. V.; Divlekeev, M. I.
Session IV. Stellar Atmosphere Diagnostics from Polarization Studies
Chair: Javier Trujillo Bueno
Polarimetry of Cool Atmospheres: From the Sun to Exoplanets 219 Berdyugina, S. V.
The HARPS Polarimeter 237 Snik, F.; Kochukhov, O.; Piskunov, N.; Rodenhuis, M.; Jeffers, S.; Keller, C.; Dolgopolov, A.; Stempels, E.; Makaganiuk, V.; Valenti, J.; Johns-Krull, C.
Using Absorptive Linear Polarization Spectroscopy to Understand Imbedded Stars 245 Kuhn, J. R.; Geiss, B. Harrington, D. M.
Precision and Resolution in Stellar Spectropolarimetry 257 Harrington, D. M.; Kuhn, J. R.
Shock-Induced Polarized Hydrogen Emission Lines in Omicron Ceti 265 Fabas, N.; Lèbre, A.; Gillet, D.
Continuous Upflow of Material in an Active Region Filament from the Photosphere to the Corona 275 Kuckein, C.; Centeno, R.; Martínez Pillet, V.
Session V. Solar Polarimetry from
Space Chair: Jeff Kuhn
Chromospheric Diagnostics in the Next Japanese Solar Mission SOLAR-C 281 Katsukawa, Y.; The SOLAR-C Working Groups
A Sounding Rocket Experiment for Spectropolarimetric Observations with the Lyα Line at 121.6 nm (CLASP) 287 Ishikawa, R.; Bando, T.; Fujimura, D.; Hara, H.; Kano, R.; Kobiki, T.; Narukage, N.; Tsuneta, S.; Ueda, K.; Wantanabe, H.; Kobayashi, K.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Manso Sainz, R.; Stepan, J.; De Pontieu, B.; Carlsson, M.; Casini, R.
The Continuum Contrast of Magnetic Elements as a Function of Magnetic Field (Disk Center): Early Studies and Hinode/SP Results 297 Kobel, P.; Solanki, S. K.; Borrero, J. M.
Session VI. Telescopes and Instruments for Polarization Studies from Ground- Based Observatories
Chair: Thomas Rimmele
Ground-based Solar Polarimetry: Challenges, Approaches, and Forecast 309 Elmore, D. F.
ATST: The Largest Polarimeter 319 Keil, S. L.; Rimmele, T. R.; Wagner, J.; Elmore, D.; ATST Team
The Polarization Optics for the European Solar Telescope 329 Bettonvil, F. C. M.; Collados, M.; Feller, A.; Gelly, B. F.; Keller, C. U.; Kentischer, T. J.; López Ariste, A.; Pleier, O.; Snik, F.; Socas-Navarro, H.
The New Solar Telescope in Big Bear: Polarimetry I 341 Goode, P. R.; Cao, W.; Ahn, K.; Gorceix, N.; Coulter, R.
The New Solar Telescope in Big Bear: Polarimetry II 345 Cao, W.; Ahn, K.; Goode, P. R.; Shumko, S.; Gorceix, N.; Coulter, R.
Polarimetry with GREGOR 351 Balthasar, H.; Bello González, N.; Collados, M.; Denker, C.; Feller, A.; Hofmann, A.; Lagg, A.; Nagaruju, L.; Puschmann, K. G.; Soltau, D.; Volkmer, R.
Quantitative Comparison between the Polarization Data Taken with the Solar Flare Telescope and with the Hinode SOT Spectro-Polarimeter 359 Hagino, M.; Hanaoka, Y.; Sakurai, T.; Ichimoto, K.
Developments of the Multi-wavelength Polarimeter of the Domeless Solar Telescope at the Hida Observatory 365 Anan, T.; Ichimoto, K; Ueno, S.; Kimura, G.; Nakatani, Y.; Kaneda, N.; Hagino, M.; Suzuki, I.
Infrared Stokes Spectro-Polarimeter at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 371 Hanaoka, Y.; Sakurai, T.; Shinoda, K.; Noguchi, M.; Miyashita, M.; Fukuda, T.; Suzuki, I.; Hagino, M.; Arai, T.; Yamasaki, T.; Takeyama, N.
Session VII. New Spectral Windows and Technologies for Polarization Studies
Chair: Steve Keil
THxRG Family of High Performance Image Sensors for Astronomy 383 Blank, R.; Anglin, S.; Beletic, J. W.; Baia, Y.; Buck, S.; Bhargava, S.; Chen, J.; Cooper, D.; Eads, M.; Farris, M.; Hall, D. N. B.; Hodapp, K. W.; Lavelle, W.; Loose, M.; Luppino, G.; Piquette, E.; Ricardo, R.; Sprafke, T.; Starr, B.; Xu, M.; Zandian, M.
Eigenpolarimetry: An Algebraic Approach to Polarization-free Telescopes and Instruments 403 López Ariste, A.; Semel, M.
Wavelength-diverse Polarization Modulators for Stokes Polarimetry 413 de Wijn, A. G.; Tomczyk, S.; Casini, R.; Nelson, P. G.
A Fiber Arrayed Solar Optical Telescope (FASOT) 423 Qu, Z. Q.
Imaging Observations of Coronal Magnetic Field by Nobeyama Radioheliograph 433 Shibasaki, K.; Narukage, N.; Yoshimura, K.
Session VIII. Solar Atmosphere Diagnostics from Polarization Studies: The Quiet Sun
Chair: Steve Tomczyk
Detection of Chromospheric Magnetic Fields: A Forward Modeling Approach 439 Uitenbroek, H.
The Magnetic Fields of the Quiet Sun 451 Sánchez Almeida, J.; Martínez González, M.
The Quiet Sun Magnetic Field Structure Derived from a Full Vector Determination 471 Bommier, V.
Molecule Formation and Magnetic Field Evolution in Sunspots 473 Jaeggli, S. A.; Lin, H.; Uitenbroek, H.
Spectropolarimetry of Chromospheric Magnetic and Velocity Structure Above Active Regions 483 Schad, T. A.; Jaeggli, S. A.; Lin, H.; Penn, M. J.
Magnetic Field, Density Current, and Lorentz Force Full Vector Maps of the NOAA 10808 Double Sunspot: Evidence of Strong Horizontal Current Flows in the Penumbra 491 Bommier, V.; Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.; Schmieder, B.; Gelly, B.
Evolution of Small-scale Magnetic Features Streaming-out from a Pore 493 Criscuoli, S.; Del Moro, D.; Romano, P.; Berrilli, F.; Ermolli, I.: Giorgi, F.; Vitichhié, B.; Zuccarello, F.
Session VIII. Solar Atmosphere Diagnostics from Polarization Studies: The Quiet Sun
Chair: Steve Tomczyk
Summary Talk 501 Stenflo, J. O.
Author Index 509 Kuhn, J. R.; Harrington, D. M.; Lin, H.; Berdyugina, S. V.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Keil, S. L.; Rimmele, T.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 512