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Paper: Chromospheric Diagnostics in the Next Japanese Solar Mission SOLAR-C
Volume: 437, Solar Polarization Workshop 6
Page: 281
Authors: Katsukawa, Y.; The SOLAR-C Working Groups
Abstract: The SOLAR-C working group (WG) was established in 2007 to investigate scientific and technical feasibility for the next Japanese solar mission SOLAR-C whose earliest launch window is 2018. There are two conceptual options in SOLAR-C. Option-A is a mission for out-of-ecliptic observations of the solar polar regions to understand dynamics in the high latitude regions of the Sun, and internal structures and dynamo mechanism. The other option, option-B, is a mission for high-resolutional spectroscopic and polarimetric observations of the solar atmosphere with advanced telescopes. In option-B of SOLAR-C, strong emphasis is on measuring chromospheric magnetic fields with a precise spectropolarimetric instrument thanks to a large aperture of 1 to 1.5 m, which is important to understand mechanisms responsible for transfer and dissipation of magnetic energies through the solar atmosphere.
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