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Paper: Shock-Induced Polarized Hydrogen Emission Lines in Omicron Ceti
Volume: 437, Solar Polarization Workshop 6
Page: 265
Authors: Fabas, N.; Lèbre, A.; Gillet, D.
Abstract: We have performed a spectropolarimetric survey of the variable Mira star omicron Ceti along three pulsation cycles. We present those new data collected with the Narval instrument mounted on the Telescope Bernard Lyot (TBL) in Pic du Midi, France. We have detected time variable polarimetric signatures (on QUV Stokes spectra) associated with Balmer hydrogen emission lines supposed to be formed behind the front of a shock wave propagating throughout the stellar atmosphere. We associate the linear polarization of Balmer emission lines in Mira stars to the presence and the structure of the radiative shock wave.
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