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Paper: A Fiber Arrayed Solar Optical Telescope (FASOT)
Volume: 437, Solar Polarization Workshop 6
Page: 423
Authors: Qu, Z. Q.
Abstract: This paper introduces the key concepts relating to the Fiber Array Solar Optical Telescope (FASOT) project. The various component parts are presented and the paper describes how these elements are integrated into a complete system. A unique feature of this telescope is that it will be capable of conducting realtime, high-efficiency, high-precision spectropolarimetry of multiple magneto-sensitive lines over a two-dimensional field of view, i.e. giving realtime 3D Stokes measurements of multiple lines. Thus acting as a very efficient 3D spectropolarimeter, FASOT will be capable of very high temporal resolution, permitting accurate mapping of the magnetic field, the line-of-sight velocity and the thermodynamic parameters in multiple scale heights of the solar atmosphere. It will be able to target rapid and transient magnetically-dynamic phenomena, thus verifying the theoretical models. It aims also at accurate short-term forecasting of space weather.
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