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Paper: On the Diagnostics of the Quiet Sun Magnetic Fields: Multi-Line Spectro-Polarimetric Observations and Inversion Results
Volume: 437, Solar Polarization Workshop 6
Page: 189
Authors: Demidov, M. L.; Balthasar, H.
Abstract: Sophisticated diagnostics of the quiet Sun magnetic fields are a very important issue of modern solar physics because of the existence of their deep genetic connections with active regions. For this aim, we use high-precision spectro-polarimetric observations in about twenty spectral lines in an almost 3 nm wide spectral domain around the line Fe I 525.02 nm. These observations cover the whole solar disk. A detailed statistical analysis of magnetic strength ratios in different combinations of spectral lines is performed. For seven sufficiently strong Fe I lines observed at disk center, we applied the SIR code (Stokes Inversion based on Response functions). It was impossible to reproduce the Stokes I and V profiles of these selected lines simultaneously in the framework of models with only one atmospheric component. But a very good agreement between observations and inversion results was obtained for a model with two atmospheric components, one with magnetic field and the other without. Reliable values were found for the magnetic field strength and the filling factor.
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