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Paper: Eclipse Linear Polarimetry of Prominences
Volume: 437, Solar Polarization Workshop 6
Page: 195
Authors: Kim, I. S.; Popov, V. V.; Suyunova, E. Z.; Alexeeva, I. V.
Abstract: Results from broad-band filter, high-precision, linear polarimetry in Hα–prominences taken on March 29, 2006 are presented. The contrast between the prominence and the corona is estimated. Comparison of 2D distributions of the degree of polarization based on 3 orientations of a polarizer and on 24 orientations reveals the systematic decreasing of ≈ 2% in the polarization degree for the noisier signal. Measured polarization degrees of 1–7% in the height range of 30–90″ are below the theoretical curve for pure resonance scattering. The promise of the method for synoptical observations in 2 lines are noted.
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