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Paper: The New Solar Telescope in Big Bear: Polarimetry I
Volume: 437, Solar Polarization Workshop 6
Page: 341
Authors: Goode, P. R.; Cao, W.; Ahn, K.; Gorceix, N.; Coulter, R.
Abstract: We present here the near-term polarimetry plans for the 1.6 m clear aperture, off-axis telescope in Big Bear. The first scientific data were taken in the Summer of 2009 at the Nasmyth focus, and first observations corrected by adaptive optics were taken in the Summer of 2010. The first polarimetry for this telescope will be done in the near infrared at 1.56 μm, which is close to the photospheric opacity minimum. We show and explain reasons for the general layout of the polarimetric hardware for the telescope.
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