Title: Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Volume: 519 Year: 2019 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Werner, Stehle, Rauch, and Lanz
Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos

A Conference in Honor of Ivan Hubeny

Sorbonne University Paris
23-26 October 2018

The Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos conference was devoted to state-of-the-art tools used to diagnose radiation from astrophysical objects to determine their properties and structure. It was dedicated to Ivan Hubeny, one of the world-leading experts in radiation transfer in astrophysics, who, for several decades, educated and supported a large worldwide community of students and scientists.
The oral and poster contributions were diverse, focusing on the topology, composition, dynamics, distance, and morphology of different cosmic objects, from extrasolar planets to active galactic nuclei, and the information provided by radiation. The topics discussed in these proceedings include 1) fundamental radiative transfer and modeling techniques, 2) exoplanet atmospheres, 3) cool stars and brown dwarfs, 4) hot stars and degenerate stars, 5) binaries, 6) supernovae, 7) stellar population synthesis, and 8) accretion disks.
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Front Matter   
Volume Cover
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Fundamental Radiative Transfer and Modeling Techniques   
The Challenges of Observing, Calibrating, and Modeling Stellar Spectral Energy Distributions 3 Prieto, C. A.
Atomic Diffusion and Radiative Accelerations in Stellar Atmospheres 9 Alecian, G.
3-D NLTE Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Code for Stellar Wind Modeling 15 Fišák, J.; Kubát, J.; Kubátová, B.; Kromer, M; Krtička, J.
3D Spectral Radiative Transfer and Perspectives for Spectroscopic Diagnostics 21 Ibgui, L.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.; González, M.; Stehlé, C.; Orlando, S.; Colombo, S.
Polarized Line Formation in Spherically Symmetric Expanding Atmospheres 27 Megha, A.; Sampoorna, M.; Nagendra, K. N.; Anusha, L. S.; Sankarasubramanian, K.
A Simple Analytic Treatment of Partial Redistribution in Resonance Lines 33 Gayley, K. G.
Self-consistent Multilevel PRD 39 Bommier, V.
Inclusion of Inhomogeneities in Static NLTE Model Atmospheres 45 Kubát, J.; Kubátová, B.
Polarized Line Scattering Theory With Applications in Astrophysical Radiative Transfer: A Historical Perspective 51 Nagendra, K. N.
Solar and Stellar Chromospheres 59 Heinzel, P.; Štvepán, J.
Black Holes Beyond Astrophysics 67 Hubeny, V.
Radiation Transport in Astronomical Objects: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 75 Hubeny, I.
Shellspec39 - A Tool for Modelling the Spectra, Light Curves, and Images of Interacting Binaries and Exoplanets 87 Budaj, J.
Task Based Radiative Transfer Methods and the DISPATCH Code Framework 93 Nordlund, Å.
Non-conservative Rayleigh Scattering. A Perturbation Approach 101 Frisch, H.
Solution of Multi-dimensional Polarized Radiative Transfer Equation with PFR 105 Anusha, L. S.
Effects of Angle-Dependent Partial Frequency Redistribution on Polarized Line Profiles 109 Sampoorna, M.; Nagendra, K. N.; Frisch, H.; Stenflo, J. O.
Polarized Line Formation with Incomplete Paschen-Back Effect and Partial Frequency Redistribution 113 Sampoorna, M.; Nagendra, K. N.; Sowmya, K.; Stenflo, J. O.; Sowmya, K.
XTGRID Live: Online Spectral Analyses with TLUSTY Models 117 Németh, P.
maKe Atoms Simple (KAS): A Tool to Create, Combine, and Manipulate Model Atoms 121 Osorio, Y.
Exoplanet Atmospheres   
Exoplanetary Atmospheres: Thermal Inversions and Self-consistent Models 129 Madhusudhan, N.; Piette, A. A. A.; Gandhi, S. N.
Cool Stars and Brown Dwarfs   
Modelling of Flare Processes: A Comparison of the Two RHD Codes FLARIX and RADYN 141 Kašparová, J.; Carlsson, M.; Varady, M.; Heinzel, P.
A New Near-IR C2 Linelist for an Improved Chemical Analysis of Hydrogen-deficient, Carbon-rich Giants\unboldmath 147 García-Hernández, D. A.; Masseron, T.; Zamora, O.; Manchado, A.; Rao, N. K.; Reddy, A. B. S.; Lambert, D. L.; Yurchenko, S.; Tennyson, J.
Hot Stars and Degenerate Stars   
Tracing Physical Processes Affecting Spectral Formation in the Low-luminosity B[e] Stars of the FS CMa Group 155 Korčáková, D.; Shore, S. N.; Miroshnichenko, A.; Zharikov, S. V.; Jevrábková, T.; Dvovráková, N.; Votruba, V.; Manset, N.; Šlechta, M.
Breaking the Rules: Classical Novae as Testbeds for Extended Spectral Modelling 161 Shore, S. N.
Gould's Belt: As Seen in Gaia DR2 169 Palouš, J.; Ehlerová, S.; Ron, C.
Heavy-metal Abundances in DO-type White Dwarfs 175 Rauch, T.; Gamrath, S.; Quinet, P.; Hoyer, D.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J. W.
A New Tool for the Determination of Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Composition of Hot Stars 181 Różański, T.; Niemczura, E.
Neutron Star Model Atmospheres 187 Suleimanov, V. F.; Werner, K.
Early B-type Stars with Resolved Zeeman Split Lines 193 Hubrig, S.; Järvinen, S. P.; Schöller, M.; González, J. F.
The Quasi-WR Star HD 45166 Revisited 197 Dolevzalová, B.; Kubátová, B.; Kubát, J.; Hamann, W.
HR 62: A New Evolved Chemically Peculiar Late-B Star? 201 Kiliçouğlu, T.; Monier, R.
Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Abundances of Pulsating β Cephei Stars in Open Clusters 205 Niemczura, E.; Różański, T.; Rainer, M.; Gameiro, J. F.; Rodler, F.
3D Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer in Inhomogeneous Massive Star Winds – Application to Resonance Line Formation 209 Kubátová, B.; Hamann, W.; Kubát, J.; Oskinova, L. M.
The Radial Oxygen Abundance Gradient from OB Stars in the Outer Galactic Disk 213 Daflon, S.; Bragança, G. A.; Lanz, T.; Cunha, K.; Hubeny, I.; Bensby, T.; McMillan, P. J.; Garmany, K.; Glaspey, J. W.; Fernandes, M. B.; Oey, S.
Advances in Accretion Disk Physics and Accreting White Dwarfs in Explosive Interacting Binaries Using Tlusty 223 Sion, E. M.; Godon, P.
Spectral Analysis of Binary Pre-white Dwarf Systems 231 Finch, N. L.; Braker, I. P.; Reindl, N.; Barstow, M. A.; Casewell, S. L.; Burleigh, M.; Kupfer, T.; Kilkenny, D.; Geier, S.; Schaffenroth, V.; Bertolami, M. M. M.; Taubenberger, S.; Freudenthal, J.
Modeling the Complex Spectra of Supernovae 241 Hillier, D. J.; Dessart, L.
Stellar Population Synthesis   
Stellar Population Synthesis 253 Leitherer, C.
Spectroscopy of Multiple Stellar Systems 261 Hadrava, P.
Stars and Stellar Black Holes in the Low-metallicity Galaxy I Zw 18 267 Heap, S. R.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T. M.
Modelling Super Star Clusters with MontAGN - A 3D Radiative Transfer Code 273 Tung-Lam, N.; Grosset, L.; Rouan, D.; Gratadour, D.
Accretion Disks   
Radiation Feedback in Accretion Shocks on Young Stars 281 de Sá, L.; Stehlé, C.; Chièze, J. P.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.; Colombo, S.; Cayatte, V.; Ibgui, L.; Orlando, S.
Examining Magnetospheric Accretion in Herbig Ae/Be Stars Through Near-infrared Spectroscopic Signatures 287 Schöller, M.; Hubrig, S.; Pogodin, M. A.; Järvinen, S. P.; Drake, N. A.; Cahuasqui, J. A.
The Method of Transfer Functions to Describe GR Effects in Spectra and Polarisation from Black-hole Accretion Disks 293 Karas, V.; Bursa, M.; Dovčiak, M.
Radiation Effects on Impact of Accretion Streams in Classical T Tauri Stars 299 Colombo, S.; Ibgui, L.; Orlando, S.; Rodriguez, R.; Espinosa, G.; González, M.; Stehlé, C.; de Sá, L.
Concluding Remarks   
Challenges in the Abundance Analysis of Large Data Sets 311 Cunha, K.
Back Matter 319