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Paper: Modelling of Flare Processes: A Comparison of the Two RHD Codes FLARIX and RADYN
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 141
Authors: Kašparová, J.; Carlsson, M.; Varady, M.; Heinzel, P.
Abstract: We present a comparison of two autonomous, methodologically different radiation hydrodynamic codes, FLARIX and RADYN, and their use to model the solar flare processes. Both codes can model the time evolution of a 1D atmosphere heated by a specified process, e.g. by electron beams propagating from the injection site in the corona down to the lower atmosphere. In such a scenario time scales can be rather short and lead to fast heating on even sub-second time scales. Our aim is to compare the FLARIX and RADYN codes using exactly the same setup and model conditions. Although such a comparison has never been done successfully before for this type of codes, we will present a close agreement between the time evolution of the modelled atmospheric structure for a test case of electron beam heating.
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