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Paper: Advances in Accretion Disk Physics and Accreting White Dwarfs in Explosive Interacting Binaries Using Tlusty
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 223
Authors: Sion, E. M.; Godon, P.
Abstract: The powerful capabilities of the spectral synthesis codes developed by Ivan Hubeny and collaborators (TLUSTY, SYNSPEC, DISKSYN) have revolutionized the analysis of ultraviolet (UV) spectra of accreting white dwarfs in interacting binaries, using orbiting observatories (IUE, HST (FOS, GHRS, STIS, COS), FUSE). These analytical tools have opened up a broad array of new insights into accretion physics in compact binaries and wider systems with giant donor companions. Specifically, detailed investigations of cataclysmic variables (CVs) (dwarf novae, nova-like variables, post-novae, recurrent nova, symbiotic variables, symbiotic novae) have yielded a treasure trove of physical parameters of the hot accreting components including surface temperatures, rotational velocities, chemical abundances, surface gravities, and accretion rates. This has led to the construction of a big overall picture of accretion physics and CV evolution. Examples of these advances in the area of accreting white dwarfs are presented.
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