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Paper: Early B-type Stars with Resolved Zeeman Split Lines
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 193
Authors: Hubrig, S.; Järvinen, S. P.; Schöller, M.; González, J. F.
Abstract: Almost three decades ago, \citet{Mathys1990} demonstrated the importance of studying Ap stars showing resolved Zeeman split Fe II 6147.7 and 6149.2 lines. Such Zeeman split lines can be seen in stars whose projected rotational velocity is sufficiently small and whose magnetic field is strong enough to exceed the rotational Doppler broadening. Observations of resolved Zeeman split lines permit the diagnosis of the average of the modulus of the magnetic field over the visible stellar hemisphere. Although Zeeman splitting is not expected in faster rotating hot massive stars, we have recently been discovering early B-type stars displaying magnetically split spectral lines.
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