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Paper: A New Tool for the Determination of Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Composition of Hot Stars
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 181
Authors: Różański, T.; Niemczura, E.
Abstract: Most of our knowledge about stars and their atmospheres comes from interpretation of their electromagnetic spectrum. Hence, it is very important to develop efficient methods for rapid and automatic atmospheric parameters determination. We have implemented a scientific software that uses non-LTE atmosphere models and theoretical spectra derived with TLUSTY and SYNSPEC codes. This Python 3 based package includes tested algorithms for determination of atmospheric parameters and chemical composition of B stars, gives tools for interpolation on grid of atmospheric models or theoretical spectra, for computation of grid of spectra, and for spectrum fitting. The most important advantage of the new package is that it uses well described blocks that allow the user to build well suited algorithm for atmospheric parameters determination of any type of stars or just use implemented algorithm for B stars. Our package is tested on a sample of synthetic spectra calculated for a broad ranges of atmospheric parameters, chemical abundances, and projected rotational velocities.
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