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Paper: Radiation Feedback in Accretion Shocks on Young Stars
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 281
Authors: de Sá, L.; Stehlé, C.; Chièze, J. P.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.; Colombo, S.; Cayatte, V.; Ibgui, L.; Orlando, S.
Abstract: The first stages of pre-main sequence stars evolution are governed by exchanges of mass and momentum between the proto-star and its accretion disk. These quantities remain uncertain due to numerous unanswered questions concerning the topology of the accretion flow, its temperature, and its dynamics. In this work, we first present 1D simulations of accretion columns falling onto a a stellar chromosphere; the goal is to inspect the feedback of the dynamics of the chromosphere on the accretion flow. Then, we analyze the effect of radiation absorption and emission on the flow. The simulations take benefit of a newly generated base of opacities computed by SYNSPEC code for the conditions of the present astrophysical process. We finally present our perspectives on this topic.
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