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Paper: Radiation Transport in Astronomical Objects: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 75
Authors: Hubeny, I.
Abstract: First, I present a briefly description of some highlights of research that my collaborators and I achieved in the field of astrophysical radiative transfer and its application to modeling stellar and planetary atmospheres and accretion disks. On the application side, an emphasis is given to the computer programs TLUSTY for computing model stellar atmospheres and disks, COOLTLUSTY, its variant for modeling atmospheres of giant planets and brown dwarfs, and SYNSPEC, a general spectrum synthesis program. Then, I briefly summarize the present state and current upgrades of these codes. Finally, I outline several general topics that I think will be pursued in the near future, such as 3-D radiation hydrodynamic description of atmospheres and disks, and complex non-equilibrium models of exoplanetary atmospheres.
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