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Paper: Shellspec39 - A Tool for Modelling the Spectra, Light Curves, and Images of Interacting Binaries and Exoplanets
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 87
Authors: Budaj, J.
Abstract: Program SHELLSPEC is designed to calculate light curves, spectra, and images of interacting binaries and extra-solar planets immersed in a moving gaseous or dusty circumstellar matter. It solves simple radiative transfer along the line of sight in 3D moving media. The Roche model and synthetic spectra from the stellar atmosphere models such as TLUSTY from Ivan Hubeny can be used as a boundary condition for the radiative transfer. The latest publicly available version is Shellspec39. The code has been combined with other methods such as Doppler tomography and interferometry and used to analyze spectroscopic, photometric, and interferometric observations of binary stars and transiting exoplanets. A few examples are briefly mentioned.
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