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Paper: Exoplanetary Atmospheres: Thermal Inversions and Self-consistent Models
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 129
Authors: Madhusudhan, N.; Piette, A. A. A.; Gandhi, S. N.
Abstract: Exoplanetary discoveries in the past two decades have unveiled an astonishing diversity in the physical characteristics of exoplanetary systems. Exoplanets known today range from gas-giants to nearly Earth-size planets, and some even in the habitable zones of their host stars. Recent advances in exoplanet observations and theoretical methods are now leading to unprecedented constraints on the physicochemical properties of exoplanetary atmospheres. In this work, we briefly discuss some of the key developments in our understanding of radiative processes in exoplanetary atmospheres. We focus on two areas of relevance to the present conference. Firstly, we review progress in the understanding of thermal inversions in irradiated giant exoplanets. Secondly, we briefly review progress in self-consistent modeling of exoplanetary atmospheres. Both these areas benefitted from pioneering contributions of Ivan Hubeny to whom this conference is dedicated.
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