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Paper: The Radial Oxygen Abundance Gradient from OB Stars in the Outer Galactic Disk
Volume: 519, Radiative Signatures from the Cosmos
Page: 213
Authors: Daflon, S.; Bragança, G. A.; Lanz, T.; Cunha, K.; Hubeny, I.; Bensby, T.; McMillan, P. J.; Garmany, K.; Glaspey, J. W.; Fernandes, M. B.; Oey, S.
Abstract: Metallicity gradients are important constraints for models of chemical evolution of the Galaxy. We present the current radial gradient of oxygen abundances using a sample of main-sequence OB stars located in the outer Galactic Disk, considering non-NLTE abundances, and distances based on GAIA DR2 results. We compare the obtained gradient with results from other young objects of the Galactic Disk.
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