Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII

Volume: 485 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Manset, N.; Forshay, P.

Waikoloa Beach Marriott, Hawaii, USA
September 29–October 3, 2013

This volume of the ASP Conference Series contains papers presented at the twenty-third annual conference for Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems, also known as ADASS XXIII. The ADASS Conference Series provides a forum for scientists and
programmers concerned with algorithms, software, and software
systems employed in the acquisition, reduction, analysis, dissemination,
and storage of astronomical data. An important element of
the program is to foster communication between developers and users with a range of expertise in the production and use of
software and systems.

The topics presented included software and languages, user
interfaces, and emerging technologies for ground-based and space-based observatories from operations to archives. The conference included 13 invited speakers, 35 other oral contributions,
five focus demonstrations and two “Birds of a feather”
sessions. During the conference, over 100 posters and seven demonstration booths were available for viewing.

These proceedings will be of interest to scientists and programmers involved with observatory operations from instrument design to data mining of archived observations.
ISBN: 978-1-58381-854-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-855-8

Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
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Front Matter 1 Manset, N.; Forshay, P.
Conference Photos 2 Manset, N.; Forshay, P.
Part I. Birds of a Feather Sessions, Demos, and Focus Demos   
Ideas for Advancing Code Sharing: A Different Kind of Hack Day 3 Teuben, P.; Allen, A.; Berriman, B.; DuPrie, K.; Hanisch, R. J.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R. J.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M. B.; Wallin, J. F.
Demonstration of a Data Distribution System for ALMA Data Cubes 7 Eguchi, S.; Kawasaki, W.; Shirasaki, Y.; Komiya, Y.; Kosugi, G.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Kobayashi, T.
Astronomical Data Reduction Workflows with Reflex 11 Ballester, P.; Bramich, D.; Forchi, V.; Freudling, W.; Garcia-Dabó, C. E.; klein Gebbinck, M.; Modigliani, A.; Moehler, S.; Romaniello, M.
Browsing TAP Services with TAPHandle and DataLink 15 Michel, L.; Louys, M.; Bonnarel, F.
Iris: Constructing and Analyzing Spectral Energy Distributions with the Virtual Observatory 19 Laurino, O.; Budynkiewicz, J.; Busko, I.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; D'Abrusco, R.; Doe, S.; Evans, J.; Pevunova, O.
Accessing the VO with Python 23 Plante, R.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Graham, M.; Tody, D.; Young, W.
Part II. Observatory Operations and Observations   
MESA: Making Excellent Science Requires More Than Just Scientists 29 Diaz, R.
Commanding and Error Recovery of a Binocular Telescope 33 De La Peña, M. D.; Biddick, C.; Thompson, D.
Evolution of the LBT Telemetry System 37 Summers, K.; Biddick, C.; De La Peña, M. D.; Summers, D.
Software for the First Station of the Long Wavelength Array 41 Dowell, J.; LWA Collaboration
Wendelstein Observatory Operations Software 45 Gössl, C. A.; Snigula, J. M.; Munzert, T.
The CCAT Software System 49 Jenness, T.; Brazier, A.; Edwards, K.; Marsden, G.; Nikola, T.; Ossenkopf, V.; Padin, S.; Sayers, J.; Schaaf, R.; Shepherd, M.
Remote Operations of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope 53 Vermeulen, T.; Thomas, J.; Burdullis, T.
Chandra Science Operational Data System Migration to Linux: Herding Cats through a Funnel 57 Evans, J.; Evans, I.; Fabbiano, G.; Nichols, J.; Paton, L.; Rots, A.
DAS: A Data Management System for Instrument Tests and Operations 61 Frailis, M.; Sartor, S.; Zacchei, A.; Lodi, M.; Cirami, R.; Pasian, F.; Trifoglio, M.; Bulgarelli, A.; Gianotti, F.; Franceschi, E.; Nicastro, L.; Conforti, V.; Zoli, A.; Smart, R.; Morbidelli, R.; Dadina, M.
The Software Distribution for Gemini Observatory's Science Operations Group 65 Hoenig, M. D.; Clarke, M.; Pohlen, M.; Hirst, P.
The ASTROSAT/UVIT Exposure Time Calculator 69 Leahy, D.
Using Heuristic Algorithms to Optimize Observing Target Sequences 73 Sosnowska, D.; Ouadahi, A.; Buchschacher, N.; Weber, L.; Pepe, F.
ObsTac: Automated Execution of Dark Energy Survey Observing Tactics 77 Neilsen, E.; Annis, J.
A Signal-to-noise Approach to Queue Observing with Ground-based Telescopes 81 Cuillandre, J.; Mahoney, B.; Withington, K.
A Complete and Comprehensive Sky Background Model 91 Jones, A. M.; Noll, S.; Kausch, W.; Kimeswenger, S.; Szyszka, C.
Cone of Darkness: Finding Blank-sky Positions for Multi-object Wide-field Observations 95 Lorente, N. P. F.
Sky Subtraction for Observations without Plain Sky Information 99 Noll, S.; Kausch, W.; Szyszka, C.; Jones, A. M.; Barden, M.; Kimeswenger, S.
Introduction to the Space Weather Monitoring System at KASI 103 Baek, J.; Choi, S.; Kim, Y.; Cho, K.; Bong, S.; Lee, J.; Kwak, Y.; Hwang, J.; Park, Y.; Hwang, E.
Part III. Data Flow, Data Management, and Archives   
DTS: The NOAO Data Transport System 109 Fitzpatrick, M.; Semple, T.
Using PostgreSQL to Manage Raw and Reduced Data Flows from Hectospec on the 6.5m MMT 119 Moran, S.; Chilingarian, I.; Kurtz, M.; Fabricant, D.; Brown, W.
The Operation and Architecture of the Keck Observatory Archive 123 Berriman, G. B.; Gelino, C. R.; Laity, A.; Kong, M.; Swain, M.; Holt, J.; Goodrich, R.; Mader, J.; Tran, H. D.
Automating OSIRIS Data Reduction for the Keck Observatory Archive 127 Holt, J.; Tran, H. D.; Goodrich, R.; Berriman, G. B.; Gelino, C. R.; KOA Team
NADIR: A Flexible Archiving System Current Development 131 Knapic, C.; De Marco, M.; Smareglia, R.; Molinaro, M.
NADIR: Monitoring, Error Handling, and Logging with Tango 135 De Marco, M.; Knapic, C.; Smareglia, R.
Building an Archive Backbone Extending TAP 139 Molinaro, M.; Apollo, P.; Knapic, C.; Smareglia, R.
A New Archive of UKIRT Legacy Data at CADC 143 Bell, G. S.; Currie, M. J.; Redman, R. O.; Purves, M.; Jenness, T.
The ALMA Data Mining Toolkit I: Archive Setup and User Usage 147 Teuben, P.; Pound, M.; Mundy, L.; Looney, L.; Friedel, D. N.
The ALMA Data Mining Toolkit II: Using ADMIT on Data Mined from the ALMA Archive 151 Friedel, D. N.; Looney, L.; Mundy, L.; Pound, M.; Teuben, P.
New Services from the Chandra Data Archive 155 Winkelman, S.; Rots, A.
Long-term Strategy for ESA Science Archives 159 Arviset, C.; Hanowski, N.; Jansen, F.; Kessler, M.; Lennon, D.; Osuna, P.
Long-term Preservation of the European Hubble Space Telescope Archive 163 Haase, J.; Sanchez, M. A.; Arviset, C.; Fajersztejn, N.; Osuna, P.; Rosa, M.
The Gran Telescopio Canarias and Calar Alto Virtual Observatory Compliant Archives 167 Alacid, J. M.; Solano, E.; Esteban, F. J.; Velasco, A.
The SOFIA DCS Persistent Store: Maintaining Science and Mission Data in the Long Term 171 Krzaczek, R.; Shuping, R.; Lin, L.; Sun, L.; Charcos-Llorens, M.; Alles, R.; Perez, R.
Part IV. Classification, Catalogs, Atlases, and Databases   
Classification of Spectra of Emission-line Stars Using Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Transform 177 Bromová P.; Bařina, D.; Škoda, P.; Vážný J.; Zendulka, J.
Classification by Similarity Measurement with Hundreds of Thousands of Observed Classified Templates 181 Song, Y.; Luo, A.; Wang, M.; Zhao, Y.
Innovative Ways of Using Database Technologies 185 Groom, S.; Ly, L.; Lynn, M.; Mi, W.; Monkewitz, S.; O'Dell, M.; Rey, R.; Roby, T.; Teplitz, H.; Terek, S.; Wu, X.; Zhang, A.
AstroNomical Information System at CeSAM 195 Gimenez, S.; Moreau, C.; Agneray, F.; Roehlly, Y.
Public Data at CeSAM 199 Moreau, C.; Le Brun, V.; Agneray, F.; Gimenez, S.; Roehlly, Y.
ExoDat Information System at CeSAM 203 Agneray, F.; Moreau, C.; Chabaud, P.; Damiani, C.; Deleuil, M.
On-the-fly Catalogs for Time-Domain Surveys 207 Budavári, T.; Szalay, A. S.
Producing an Infrared Multiwavelength Galactic Plane Atlas Using Montage, Pegasus, and Amazon Web Services 211 Rynge, M.; Juve, G.; Kinney, J.; Good, J.; Berriman, B.; Merrihew, A.; Deelman, E.
Improving Catalog Matching with Photometry 215 Márquez, M. J.; Budavári, T.; Sarro, L. M.
Extracting Photometry Measurements from VizieR Catalogs 219 Allen, M. G.; Ochsenbein, F.; Derriere, S.; Boch, T.; Fernique, P.; Landais, G.
The JMMC Stellar Diameters Catalog v2 (JSDC): A New Release Based on SearchCal Improvements 223 Bourgés, L.; Lafrasse, S.; Mella, G.; Chesneau, O.; Bouquin, J. L.; Duvert, G.; Chelli, A.; Delfosse, X.
Probabilistic Cross-matching of Radio Catalogs with Geometric Models 227 Fan, D.; Budavári, T.
WCSTools: Catalogs, Headers, and FITS Files, Oh My! 231 Mink, J.
Research and Development at CDS 235 Schaaff, A.; Bisch, Y.; Boch, T.; Derriere, S.; Fernique, P.; Heckel, M.; Houpin, R.; Viard, N.
Applications of Support Vector Machines in Astronomy 239 Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.
Development of a Database System for Data Obtained by Hyper Suprime-Cam on the Subaru Telescope 243 Yamada, Y.; Takata, T.; Furusawa, H.; Okura, Y.; Koike, M.; Yamanoi, H.; Yasuda, N.; Bickerton, S.; Katayama, N.; Mineo, S.; Lupton, R.; Bosch, J.; Loomis, C.; Miyatake, H.; Price, P.; Smith, K.; Lang, D.
BDB: The Binary Star Database 247 Dluzhnevskaya, O.; Kaygorodov, P.; Kovaleva, D.; Malkov, O.
Part V. Vizualization Tools, User Interfaces, and Virtual Environments   
The Plotting Library 253 Úbeda, L.
Visualizing Large Datasets in TOPCAT v4 257 Taylor, M. B.
Cosmography with SDvision 261 Pomaréde, D.; Courtois, H.; Hoffman, Y.; Tully, R. B.
CIWS-FW: A Customizable Instrument Workstation Software Framework for Instrument-independent Data Handling 265 Conforti, V.; Trifoglio, M.; Bulgarelli, A.; Gianotti, F.; Franceschi, E.; Nicastro, L.; Zoli, A.; Dadina, M.; Smart, R.; Morbidelli, R.; Frailis, M.; Sartor, S.; Zacchei, A.; Lodi, M.; Cirami, R.; Pasian, F.; (CIWS Collaboration)
SOURCE EXPLORER: Towards Web Browser Based Tools for Astronomical Source Visualization and Analysis 269 Young, M. D.; Hayashi, S.; Gopu, A.
Testing Rich Internet Applications: The MAST Discovery Portal 273 Quick, L.
Aladin Lite: Embed your Sky in the Browser 277 Boch, T.; Fernique, P.
Create and Publish a Hierarchical Progressive Survey (HiPS) 281 Fernique, P.; Boch, T.; Pineau, F.; Oberto, A.
Vissage: Recent Development Status 285 Kawasaki, W.; Eguchi, S.; Shirasaki, Y.; Komiya, Y.; Kosugi, G.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.
Choosing a Single Sign-On Solution at STScI 289 Alexov, A.; Deighton, D.; Doggett, J.; McCuen, L.; Russell, R.; Yermolaev, A.
ACID Astronomical and Physics Cloud Interactive Desktop: A Prototype of VUI for CTA Science Gateway 293 Massimino, P.; Costa, A.; Becciani, U.; Vuerli, C.; Bandieramonte, M.; Petta, C.; Riggi, S.; Sciacca, E.; Vitello, F.; Pistagna, C.
Web-based Hyper Suprime-Cam Data Providing System 297 Koike, M.; Furusawa, H.; Takata, T.; Price, P.; Okura, Y.; Yamada, Y.; Yamanoi, H.; Yasuda, N.; Bickerton, S.; Katayama, N.; Mineo, S.; Lupton, R.; Bosch, J.; Loomis, C.
Adding Graphical Interactive FITS Image Interaction to Data Analysis in IPython Notebooks 301 Jeschke, E.
Employing the Technology of Virtual Observatory as the Fundamental Framework for the CCD Photometry Survey 305 Škoda, P.; Hroch, F.; Nádvorník, J.; Mikhailova, D.
The DaCHS Multi-protocol VO Server 309 Demleitner, M.
Virtual Observatory Interfaces to the Chandra Data Archive 313 Tibbetts, M.; Harbo, P.; Van Stone, D.; Zografou, P.
VO for Education: Archive Prototype 317 Ramella, M.; Iafrate, G.; De Marco, M.; Molinaro, M.; Knapic, C.; Smareglia, R.; Cepparo, F.
VOSA: A VO Spectral Energy Distribution Analyzer 321 Rodrigo, C.; Bayo, A.; Solano, E.; Barrado y Navascués, D.
A Process Study of the Development of Virtual Research Environments 325 Ahmed, I.; Cooper, K.; McGrath, R.; Griego, G.; Poole, M. S.; Hanisch, R. J.
Scaling GDL for Multi-cores to Process Planck HFI Beams Monte Carlo on HPC 331 Coulais, A.; Schellens, M.; Duvert, G.; Park, J.; Arabas, S.; Erard, S.; Roudier, G.; Hivon, E.; Mottet, S.; Laurent, B.; Pinter, M.; Kasradze, N.; Ayad, M.
Ureka: A Distribution of Python and IRAF Software for Astronomy 335 Hirst, P.; Slocum, C.; Turner, J.; Sienkiewicz, M.; Greenfield, P.; Hogan, E.; Simpson, M.; Labrie, K.
Crates and Transform: Python Interfaces for Data Analysis 339 Lyn, J.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; Evans, I.; Evans, J. D.
Astropy: Building Blocks for Astronomy Software 343 Bray, E. M.
Pcigale: Porting Code Investigating Galaxy Emission to Python 347 Roehlly, Y.; Burgarella, D.; Buat, V.; Boquien, M.; Ciesla, L.; Heinis, S.
Significant Problems in FITS Limit Its Use in Modern Astronomical Research 351 Thomas, B.; Jenness, T.; Economou, F.; Greenfield, P.; Hirst, P.; Berry, D. S.; Bray, E. M.; Gray, N.; Muna, D.; Turner, J.; de Val-Borro, M.; Santander-Vela, J.; Shupe, D.; Good, J.; Berriman, G.B.
Advantages of Extensible Self-described Data Formats: Lessons Learned from NDF 355 Economou, F.; Jenness, T.; Currie, M. J.; Berry, D. S.
Gemini's Recipe System: A Publicly Available Instrument-agnostic Pipeline Infrastructure 359 Labrie, K.; Hirst, P.; Allen, C.; Hogan, E.
A Common Data Processing Model for HST and JWST 363 Swam, M.; Pierfederici, F.; Gaffney, N. I.
Rapid Processing of Radio Interferometer Data for Transient Surveys 367 Bourke, S.; Mooley, K.; Hallinan, G.
A Matched Aperture Photometry Pipeline Incorporated into the WFAU Archives 371 Cross, N.; Collins, R.; Read, M.; Blake, R.; Sutorius, E.; Hambly, N.; Holliman, M.; Mann, R.
The QuickReduce Data Reduction Pipeline for the WIYN One Degree Imager 375 Kotulla, R.
The DECam Community Pipeline 379 Valdes, F.; Gruendl, R.; DES Project
The ALMA Pipeline 383 Muders, D.; Wyrowski, F.; Lightfoot, J.; Williams, S.; Nakazato, T.; Kosugi, G.; Davis, L.; Kern, J.
WIRwolf: A Pipeline for Calibrating and Stacking CFHT WIRCam Data 387 Gwyn, S. D. J.
Starlink Software in 2013 391 Currie, M. J.; Berry, D. S.; Jenness, T.; Gibb, A. G.; Bell, G. S.; Draper, P. W.
XMM-Newton On-demand Reprocessing Using SaaS Technology 395 Ibarra, A.; Fajersztejn, N.; Loiseau, N.; Gabriel, C.
Map-making for the Next Generation of Ground-based Submillimeter Instruments 399 Marsden, G.; Brazier, A.; Jenness, T.; Sayers, J.; Scott, D.
Molecfit: A Package for Telluric Absorption Correction 403 Kausch, W.; Noll, S.; Smette, A.; Kimeswenger, S.; Horst, H.; Sana, H.; Jones, A. M.; Barden, M.; Szyszka, C.; Vinther, J.
Challenges in Data Analysis of Spitzer Exoplanet Observations 407 Carey, S.; Ingalls, J.; Grillmair, C.; Krick, J.
IMAGE EXPLORER: Astronomical Image Analysis on an HTML5-based Web Application 417 Gopu, A.; Hayashi, S.; Young, M. D.
Multiscale Source Detection for Long Wavelength Astronomical Images 421 Masias, M.; Freixenet, J.; Peracaula, M.; Lladó, X.
Improving the Performance of Photometric Regression Models via Massive Parallel Feature Selection 425 Polsterer, K. L.; Gieseke, F.; Igel, C.; Goto, T.
UNSIO: Universal Nbody Snapshot Input Output 429 Lambert, J. C.
GAPS Programme with HARPS-N@TNG: Synergy Between Scientific and Technological INAF Members 435 Smareglia, R.; Bignamini, A.; Knapic, C.; Molinaro, M.; GAPS Collaboration
Supporting MMT and Magellan Infrared Spectrograph: From Operations to a Science Ready Data Archive 439 Chilingarian, I.; Moran, S.; Brown, W.; Conroy, M.; Fabricant, D.; Kurtz, M.; Matthews, A.; McLeod, B.; Roll, J.; Tokarz, S.
Part VII. Spectroscopic Projects, Instruments, and Data Reduction Software   
Integrating Mass Scale Spectroscopic Processing 443 Walton, N. A.; Irwin, M. J.; Koposov, S.; Lewis, J. R.; Gonzales-Solarez, E.
Cure-WISE: HETDEX Data Reduction with Astro-WISE 447 Snigula, J. M.; Drory, N.; Fabricius, M.; Landriau, M.; Montesano, F.; Hill, G. J.; Gebhardt, K.; Cornell, M. E.
The MUSE Data Reduction Pipeline: Status after Preliminary Acceptance Europe 451 Weilbacher, P. M.; Streicher, O.; Urrutia, T.; Pécontal-Rousset, A.; Jarno, A.; Bacon, R.
A Toolkit for Eye Recognition of LAMOST Spectroscopy 455 Yuan, H.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Y.; Lei, Y.; Dong, Y.; Zhao, Y.
Part VIII. Resources and Software for Publishing   
The Unified Astronomy Thesaurus 461 Accomazzi, A.; Gray, N.; Erdmann, C.; Biemesderfer, C.; Frey, K.; Soles, J.
Data Sharing and Publication Using the SciDrive Service 465 Mishin, D.; Medvedev, D.; Szalay, A. S.; Plante R.; Graham, M.
The Challenges of Data Publishing: An AAS Journals Perspective 469 Schwarz, G. J.
Astrophysics Source Code Library: Incite to Cite! 473 DuPrie, K.; Allen, A.; Berriman, B.; Hanisch, R. J.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R. J.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M. B.; Teuben, P.; Wallen, J.F.
The Astrophysics Source Code Library: Where Do We Go from Here? 477 Allen, A.; Berriman, B.; DuPrie, K.; Hanisch, R. J.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R. J.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M. B.; Teuben, P.; Wallen, J.
Warm Spitzer: Effects of Major Operational Changes on Publication Rates 481 Scire, E.
Part IX. Software and Systems for the Upcoming Space Observatories Gaia and Euclid   
Gaia Launch Imminent: A Review of Practices (Good and Bad) in Building the Gaia Ground Segment 487 O'Mullane, W.
Calibrating Gaia with Style: Generic Self-calibration 491 Lammers, U.; Lindegren, L.
The Euclid Mission: Cosmology Data Processing and Much More 495 Laureijs, R.; Hoar, J.; Buenadicha3, G.; Mellier, Y.; Pasian, F.; Dabin, C.; Sauvage, M.; Euclid Collaboration
Development Plans for the Euclid Science Ground Segment 505 Pasian, F.; Hoar, J.; Buenadicha, G.; Dabin, C.; Sauvage, M.; Poncet, M.; Noddle, K.; Delouis, J.; Mansutti, O.
Instrument Simulations of the EUCLID/NISP Spectrometer 509 Zoubian, J.; Kümmel, M.; Kermiche, S.; Apostolakos, N.; Chapon, A.; Ealet, A.; Franzetti, P.; Garilli, B.; Jullo, E.; Paioro, L.
Testing Photometric Methods in the Euclid Testbed 513 Kümmel, M.; Mohr, J.; Desai, S.; Henderson, R.; Koppenhoefer, J.; Paech, K.; Wetzstein, M.
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