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Paper: Astropy: Building Blocks for Astronomy Software
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 343
Authors: Bray, E. M.
Abstract: The Astropy Project is a community effort to develop an open source Python package of common data structures and routines for use by other, more specialized astronomy software in order to foster interoperability. The project encompasses the “core” astropy Python package, “affiliated packages” that strive to implement Astropy's coding standards and interoperability with other affiliated packages, and a broader community aimed at implementing Pythonic solutions to astronomy computing problems while minimizing duplication of effort. The project also provides a template for other projects that use Astropy to reuse much of Astropy's development framework without reinventing the wheel. Here we present an overview of the key features of the core package (existing and upcoming), current and planned affiliated packages, and how we manage a large open source project with a diverse community of contributors.
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