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Paper: Rapid Processing of Radio Interferometer Data for Transient Surveys
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 367
Authors: Bourke, S.; Mooley, K.; Hallinan, G.
Abstract: We report on a software infrastructure and pipeline developed to process large radio interferometer datasets. The pipeline is implemented using a radical redesign of the AIPS processing model. An infrastructure we have named AIPSlite is used to spawn, at runtime, minimal AIPS environments across a cluster. The pipeline then distributes and processes its data in parallel. The system is entirely free of the traditional AIPS distribution and is self configuring at runtime. This software has so far been used to process a EVLA Stripe 82 transient survey, the data for the JVLA-COSMOS project, and has been used to process most of the EVLA L-Band data archive imaging each integration to search for short duration transients.
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