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Paper: The JMMC Stellar Diameters Catalog v2 (JSDC): A New Release Based on SearchCal Improvements
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 223
Authors: Bourgés, L.; Lafrasse, S.; Mella, G.; Chesneau, O.; Bouquin, J. L.; Duvert, G.; Chelli, A.; Delfosse, X.
Abstract: The JMMC Calibrator Workgroup has long developed methods to ascertain the angular diameter of stars and provides this expertise in the SearchCal software. SearchCal dynamically finds calibrators near science objects by querying CDS hosted according to observational parameters using either the bright (magK < 5.5) or the faint (magK>5) scenarios. This 2nd JSDC1 release is based on a new SearchCal scenario (derived from the bright one) applied to 110 000 Hipparcos stars instead of aggregating SearchCal results on the whole celestial sphere. It benefits from important SearchCal improvements for 3 years: new catalog queries (HIP2, AKARI), enhanced cross-match algorithm taking into account proper motions / catalog epochs (ASCC, HIP2, 2MASS) and major changes on diameter and error computations (more color relations used and magnitude error propagation). We describe the new JSDC scenario and SearchCal improvements, study catalog results (more than 55 000 stars, more giant stars) and compare this new release with the former one (VizieR II/300).
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