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Paper: Cosmography with SDvision
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 261
Authors: Pomaréde, D.; Courtois, H.; Hoffman, Y.; Tully, R. B.
Abstract: Cosmography is the science of building maps of the Universe. Using the SDvision 3D visualization software developed within the framework of IDL Object Graphics, we have established a cosmography of the Local Universe, based on multiple data products from the Cosmic Flows Project. These data include of redshifts, catalogs of peculiar velocities, and reconstructed density and velocity fields. On the basis of the various visualization techniques offered by the SDvision software, we have created maps displaying the structure of the Local Universe where the most prominent features such as voids, clusters of galaxies, filaments and walls, are identified and named. Maps also display the dynamical information of the cosmic flows, which are the bulk motions of galaxies, of gravitational origin. These maps highlight peculiar conformations in the cosmic flows such as the streaming along filaments, or the existence of local attractors. This cosmography is used for visual comparisons between known, luminous structures, and the structures inferred from the reconstruction of the (mostly dark) density field at the origin of the bulk motions.
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