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Paper: Ureka: A Distribution of Python and IRAF Software for Astronomy
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 335
Authors: Hirst, P.; Slocum, C.; Turner, J.; Sienkiewicz, M.; Greenfield, P.; Hogan, E.; Simpson, M.; Labrie, K.
Abstract: As astronomical data processing expands from our historical platforms into modern Python applications, users are faced with installing and maintaining large numbers of heterogeneous dependencies. A handful of scientific Python distributions make installing key packages easy, but don't cater for specific needs such as integration with IRAF. We have therefore recently released a beta version of a new astronomical software distribution for Linux and OSX, known as Ureka. Ureka is based around STScI Python and dependencies, notably Python, NumPy, IRAF, SciPy, AstroPy, Matplotlib and Tk. It also contains data reduction packages for Gemini, HST, JWST and other observatories, alongside various complementary tools.
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