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Paper: Research and Development at CDS
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 235
Authors: Schaaff, A.; Bisch, Y.; Boch, T.; Derriere, S.; Fernique, P.; Heckel, M.; Houpin, R.; Viard, N.
Abstract: The CDS has a long tradition of research and development to improve its services and to integrate the new technologies which are interesting and which have a good chance to survive. In this paper we present some experiments done during the last year. The topics are quite varied: Cloud, mobile developments, information retrieval. Concerning the clouds we have implemented a HEALPix image server to evaluate both the performances and the cost compared to our own server. Following several tests in the past in the domain of mobile applications we have studied the possible interaction between a desktop application and a mobile device. We have also improved another mobile application developed previously. Another point of interest was a work about the information retrieval in the VizieR Readme files.
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