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Paper: The ALMA Data Mining Toolkit II: Using ADMIT on Data Mined from the ALMA Archive
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 151
Authors: Friedel, D. N.; Looney, L.; Mundy, L.; Pound, M.; Teuben, P.
Abstract: Following the accompanying ADMIT (the ALMA Data Mining Toolkit) paper by Teuben et al. (2013), we explore the power of the ADMIT schema. ADMIT could be used to data mine across multiple ALMA datasets, projects, or sources, adding value to the ALMA archive. ADMIT will be capable of defining a set of sources in a local virtual project. This project could have the ADMIT analyses recomputed in a common fashion, or to a common level, and add new data products. The sources in the virtual project could also be grouped based on similarities, either by the user or due to decisions made by ADMIT, and have their data abstracted for further analysis and visualization inside or outside of ADMIT in a native Python environment. In this paper we describe the design and techniques of this capability.
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