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Paper: Improving Catalog Matching with Photometry
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 215
Authors: Márquez, M. J.; Budavári, T.; Sarro, L. M.
Abstract: The problem of identifying the same astronomical source in different exposures and across instruments has long been studied for its statistical and computational complexity. We typically consider the coordinates of the sources in the sky to decide whether they belong to the same object, but crowded areas often yield degenerate cases when multiple matching configurations which are possible have similar likelihoods. This paper introduces a Bayesian approach for multi-wavelength that utilizes photometric measurements to find the best possible associations. The Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) are included in statistical hypothesis testing through a template library, and the photometric Bayes Factor is directly combined with the evidence obtained from the astrometric data. We describe the implementation and discuss the preliminary results from simulated and the real COSMOS catalog.
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