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Paper: Virtual Observatory Interfaces to the Chandra Data Archive
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 313
Authors: Tibbetts, M.; Harbo, P.; Van Stone, D.; Zografou, P.
Abstract: The Chandra Data Archive (CDA) plays a central role in the operation of the Chandra X-ray Center (CXC) by providing access to Chandra data. Proprietary interfaces have been the backbone of the CDA throughout the Chandra mission. While these interfaces continue to provide the depth and breadth of mission specific access Chandra users expect, the CXC has been adding Virtual Observatory (VO) interfaces to the Chandra proposal catalog and observation catalog. VO interfaces provide standards-based access to Chandra data through simple positional queries or more complex queries using the Astronomical Data Query Language. Recent development at the CDA has generalized our existing VO services to create a suite of services that can be configured to provide VO interfaces to any dataset. This approach uses a thin web service layer for the individual VO interfaces, a middle-tier query component which is shared among the VO interfaces for parsing, scheduling, and executing queries, and existing web services for file and data access. The CXC VO services provide Simple Cone Search (SCS), Simple Image Access (SIA), and Table Access Protocol (TAP) implementations for both the Chandra proposal and observation catalogs within the existing archive architecture. Our work with the Chandra proposal and observation catalogs, as well as additional datasets beyond the CDA, illustrates how we can provide configurable VO services to extend core archive functionality.
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