Title: Physics of Magnetic Stars
Volume: 518 Year: 2019 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kudryavtsev, Romanyuk, and Yakunin
Physics of Magnetic Stars
Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Nizhny Arkhyz
Russian Federation
1-5 October, 2018

Magnetic fields of different magnitudes and topology are observed all over the Galaxy and play one of the most important roles in star formation and evolution. A conference was convened at the Special Astrophysical Observatory to discuss new findings in the studies of stellar magnetic fields. Particular emphasis was laid on chemically peculiar A and B main sequence stars, which have very strong fields and atmospheres of anomalous structure with inhomogeneous distribution of chemical elements over the surface. About 10 percent of A and B stars possess such fields, and we still do not know what caused their formation. The question can be solved by searching for regularities obtained in observations of magnetic A and B stars in different physical conditions: in young and old star clusters, in various regions of the Galaxy, among stars of different temperatures, fast or slowly rotating, single, binary, and multiple stars. These proceedings present measurements of stellar magnetic fields in the Orion OB1 association, new data on photometric and spectroscopic variability of magnetic and Herbig Ae/Be stars, studies of pulsations and other active phenomena in various stars, statistical studies, and theoretical problems discussed at the conference. This volume also describes ongoing projects to develop new instruments and software for analyzing observational data.
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Front Matter   
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Front Matter 1
Magnetic Field of Pre-Main Sequence and Main Sequence Stars   
Massive Magnetic CP Stars in the Orion OB1 Association: Subgroup 1a 3 Romanyuk, I. I.; Semenko, E. A.; Moiseeva, A. V.; Yakunin, I. A.; Kudryavtsev, D. O.
Observations of Magnetic Fields in Herbig Ae/Be Stars 18 Hubrig, S.; Järvinen, S. P.; Schöller, M.; Carroll, T. A.; Ilyin, I.; Pogodin, M. A.
The Extremely Long Magnetic Period of Przybylski's Star 27 Hubrig, S.; Bychkov, V. D.; Bychkova, L. V.; Järvinen, S. P.; Madej, J.; Ilyin, I.; Schöller, M.
Binary Stars in the Orion OB1 Association, Subgroup a 31 Semenko, E. A.; Romanyuk, I. I.; Yakunin, I. A.; Kudryavtsev, D. O.; Moiseeva, A. V.
New Insights from Magnetic Studies of Massive OB Stars 40 Kholtygin, A.; Hubrig, S.; Fabrika, S.; Valyavin, G.; Medvedev, A.; Chountonov, G.; Tsiopa, O.
Chemically Peculiar Stars in the Orion OB1 Association: Determination of Fundamental Parameters 52 Moiseeva, A. V.; Romanyuk, I. I.; Semenko, E. A.
The Magnetic δ Scuti Star β Cas 59 Zwintz, K.; Neiner, C.; Kochukhov, O.; Ryabchikova, T.
The Magnetic Field of the Ap Star 33 Librae 65 Butkovskaya, V.; Plachinda, S.
Magnetic Fields and Activity Cycles in Solar-Like Stars 68 Butkovskaya, V.; Plachinda, S.
On the Parameters of Stellar Longitudinal Magnetic Field Variations 71 Bychkov, V. D.; Bychkova, L. V.; Madej, J.
On the Magnetic Field of GY And (HD 9996) 76 Bychkov, V. D.; Bychkova, L. V.; Metlova, N. V.; Madej, J.
Secular Stability of Magnetic Structures in Magnetic Stars 80 Glagolevskij, Y. V.; Nazarenko, A. F.
Statistical Analysis of Magnetic Fields of HAeBe Stars 83 Kholtygin, A.; Akhnevsky, A.; Tsiopa, O.
Analysis of Spectropolarimetric Observations: Investigation of Homogeneity and Variability of Polarized Stellar Spectra, Selection of Individual Lines for Magnetic Field Calculation 87 Pankov, N. F.
Magnetic Field in White Dwarfs and Compact Objects   
Spectropolarimetric Observations of Magnetic White Dwarfs with the SAO 6-m Telescope: Search for Rydberg States 93 Piotrovich, M. Y.; Afanasiev, V. L.; Gnedin, Y. N.; Buliga, S. D.; Natsvlishvili, T. M.
A Spectroscopic Study of a New Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable IPHAS J052832.69+283837.6 100 Gabdeev, M. M.; Borisov, N. V.; Shimansky, V. V.; Kolbin, A. I.; Nikolaeva, E. A.
Statistical Properties of Magnetic Fields and Fluxes of Neutron Stars 108 Kholtygin, A.; Makarenko, E. I.
Evolution of Neutron Stars in the Milky Way 111 Schislyaeva, Y.; Kholtygin, A.; Igoshev, A.
Variability of Chemically Peculiar and Related Stars   
An Overview of the Properties of a Sample of Newly-Identified Magnetic Chemically Peculiar Stars in the Kepler Field 117 Mikulášek, Z.; Paunzen, E.; Hümmerich, S.; Janík, J.; Bernhard, K.; Krtička, J.; Yakunin, I. A.
Towards Comprehension of the Variability of the mCP Star CU Virginis 125 Mikulášek, Z.; Krtička, J.; Henry, G. W.; Janík, J.; Pigulski, A.
Spots and Activity of A-type Stars 131 Savanov, I. S.
The Spectroscopic Variability of the Herbig Be Star HD 259431 138 Pogodin, M. A.; Pavlovskiy, S. ..; Drake, N. A.; Beskrovnaya, N. G.; Kozlova, O. V.; Alekseev, I. Y.; Fernandes, M. B.; Pereira, C. B.; Valyavin, G. G.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Gorda, S. Y.
Unusual Spectroscopic Behavior of the Herbig Ae/Be Star HD 37806 144 Pavlovskiy, S. E.; Pogodin, M. A.; Beskrovnaya, N. G.; Kozlova, O. V.; Alekseev, I. Y.; Valyavin, G. G.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Gorda, S. Y.
On the Main Reasons of Brightness Variation in Magnetic CP Stars 147 Aliyev, S. G.; Khalilov, V. M.
Short Timescale Line Profile Variations in Spectra of OB Stars: the Case of ρ Leo 153 Batrakov, A. A.; Kholtygin, A. F.; Fabrika, S.; Valeev, A.
A Preliminary Orbit for μ Cet from the Observations at the 6-m Telescope 156 Dyachenko, V.; Richichi, A.; Balega, Y.; Beskakotov, A.; Danilov, T.; Komarinskij, S.; Maksimov, A.; Mitrofanova, A.; Rastegaev, D.; Shmaylova, E.
Magnetic Structure of Ultracool Stars Inferred from Quiescent and Flaring Radio Emission 162 Stepanov, A. V.; Zaitsev, V. V.
The Orbital Motion of the Components in the Binary Star θ1 Ori C 167 Rzaev, A. K.
The Cause of Surface Abundance Inhomogeneities in the Ap Star 78 Vir 173 Romanovskaya, A.; Ryabchikova, T.; Shulyak, D.
A Search for Cyclic Activity of Red Dwarfs Using Photometric Surveys 180 Bondar', N. I.; Gorbunov, M. A.; Shlyapnikov, A. A.
Pulsations in roAp Stars and Their Mode Stability 186 Sachkov, M. E.
Photometric Activity Cycles of UX Ari 191 Savanov, I. S.; Naroenkov, S. A.; Nalivkin, M. A.; Dmitrienko, E. S.; Karpov, S.; Beskin, G.; Birukov, A.; Bondar, S.; Plokhotnichenko, V.; Ivanov, E.; Katkova, E.; Orekhova, N.; Perkov, A.; Sasyuk, V.; Pandey, J. C.; Karmakar, S.
Activity of A-type Star KIC 7047141 195 Savanov, I. S.
Rotational Modulation in A–M stars 199 Savanov, I. S.; Dmitrienko, E. S.
Protoplanetary Nebula AFGL 2688 in the Light of New Spectral Data: Structure and Kinematic 203 Yushkin, M. V.; Klochkova, V. G.; Panchuk, V. E.
Theory and Exoplanets   
Spectroscopic Studies of Exoplanets. Radial Velocities 213 Panchuk, V. E.; Klochkova, V. G.; Sachkov, M. E.
X-Ray Emission of Solar-Type Stars with Superflares 217 Ryspaeva, E. B.
Plasma Ejections from Coronae of Red Dwarfs 222 Kiikov, S. O.
The Transmission Spectrum of the Planet WASP-32 b 225 Valeev, A. F.; Grauzhanina, A. O.; Valyavin, G. G.; Galazutdinov, G. A.
The Magnetic Field and the Orientation of the Planet's Orbit in τ Boo 228 Bychkov, V. D.; Bychkova, L. V.; Topilskaya, G. P.; Madej, J.
Methods and Instrumentation   
The Technique of Stellar Spectroscopy in the First Quarter of the 21st Century 237 Panchuk, V. E.; Klochkova, V. G.
The High-Resolution Fiber-Fed Echelle Spectrograph for the SAO RAS 6-m Telescope: First Spectra 242 Valyavin, G. G.; Musaev, F. A.; Perkov, A. V.; Bychkov, V. D.; Yushkin, M. V.; Galazutdinov, G. A.; Drabek, V. S.; Shergin, V. S.; Sazonenko, D. A.; Kukushkin, D. E.; Bakholdin,A. V.; Bertaux, J. -L.; Tavrov, A. V.; Korablev, O. I.; Starkov, A. A.; Arkhipova, L. N.; Larionov, S.; Semenko, E. A.; Burlakova, T. E.; Kravchenko, V. M.; Kudryavtsev, D. O.; Pritychenko, A. M.; Kryukov, P. G.; Semjonov, S. L.; Valeev, A. F.; Romanyuk, I. I.; Fabrika, S. N.
Software for NLTE Spectrum Fitting 247 Tsymbal, V.; Ryabchikova, T.; Sitnova, T.
Conference Photos 254
Back Matter 269