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Paper: An Overview of the Properties of a Sample of Newly-Identified Magnetic Chemically Peculiar Stars in the Kepler Field
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 117
Authors: Mikulášek, Z.; Paunzen, E.; Hümmerich, S.; Janík, J.; Bernhard, K.; Krtička, J.; Yakunin, I. A.
Abstract: We present a comprehensive overview of the properties of a sample of 41 magnetic chemically peculiar stars that have been recently identified in the Kepler field by our team. The stars populate the whole age range from the zero-age to terminal-age main sequence in a mass interval from 1.5 to 4 M. Several of the studied objects exhibit a hitherto unobserved wealth of detail in their light curves indicative of persisting complex surface structures. Monoperiodic variability and light curve stability were identified as cardinal criteria for selecting mCP star candidates among early-type objects in photometric surveys. Subsequent studies will be concerned with an exhaustive follow-up analysis of the new mCP stars, which we expect to lead to new insights on the physics of the CP star phenomenon.
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