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Paper: On the Magnetic Field of GY And (HD 9996)
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 76
Authors: Bychkov, V. D.; Bychkova, L. V.; Metlova, N. V.; Madej, J.
Abstract: A regular monitoring of the longitudinal magnetic field variability (Be) of the long-period Ap star GY And (HD 9996, P = 7962 days) has been carried out with the SAO RAS 1-m telescope. The monitoring showed that at the phases of the maximum and minimum strength of the longitudinal magnetic field there possibly exists additional unharmonic variability of the longitudinal magnetic field giving rise to a scatter of individual magnetic field measurements. This additional component of Be variability requires further long-timescale monitoring for its confirmation and the clarification of its nature. We also present, for the first time, long-term series of UBV photometric observations of this star during a length of time approaching 10 years.
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