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Paper: Evolution of Neutron Stars in the Milky Way
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 111
Authors: Schislyaeva, Y.; Kholtygin, A.; Igoshev, A.
Abstract: The present paper is devoted to the analysis of the evolution of young neutron stars (NSs) in the Milky Way up to the death line. The methods of population synthesis have been used to study the distribution of an ensemble of young NSs by their periods, period derivatives, and magnetic fields. The distribution of the initial periods and magnetic fields of the ensemble is assumed to be bimodal. Relatively slowly rotating NSs with initial periods P0 ∼ 1 s become magnetars, whereas NSs with P0 ∼ 300 ms turn into normal pulsars. The model distributions of young NSs by rotation periods, period derivatives, and magnetic fields are compared with those obtained from the ATNF catalog. The location of the model ensemble of NSs on the P–Ṗ diagram appears to be close to the position of the real ensemble of NSs.
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